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안녕하세요! Welcome to Talk To Me In Korean. You can learn to speak Korean on our website, whether you are already taking formal courses or studying completely on your own. We have more than 1,000 lessons you can use right away, as well as textbooks, workbooks, e-books and video courses. The Talk To Me In Korean team is based in Seoul, South Korea and is working hard every day to bring you good-quality and useful Korean lessons.


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From absolute beginner level to advanced level, we have various textbooks and workbooks that you can study books. All of our books are shipped internationally, and you can also find all of our e-books, audio programs and video courses on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com.

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Are you JUST starting to learn Korean? Don’t worry! We have everything you need. First of all, we recommend that you listen to our very first lesson here. Or you can start learning the Hangeul (Korean writing system) with our Hangeul book or Hangeul video course.

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Do you want to learn Korean systematically and efficiently, but can’t register at a university or language school? Simply follow our lesson curriculum at http://talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum and you will find yourself having simple conversations in Korean within a few months or even weeks. Of course, learning a new language is not simple and you will have to make efforts to continue studying and practicing, but we are here to help you stay motivated and to answer your questions.

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Do you learn better with video lessons than with books? Then our videos courses on Vimeo will help you improve your Korean skills more effectively! We have various courses available at affordable prices, from a Hangeul-learning course to TOPIK preparation courses (coming soon). Click the images above to browse through our video courses.

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If you have a business inquiry, want to request a lesson, or have any question in general about our lessons, please contact us through the Contact Us form here. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Joanne

    Hi guys! I’m Joanne from the Philippines. I was planning to visit Korea by next year so I started learning the basics through the Internet but is quite confused learning it all by myself. I hope you can help me learn the language fluently. Looking forward to working with you. 사 랑 해

  • tpayton

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  • May I know what does

    쓰레기가 되어주었던 남자 mean?

  • Blessy deborah

    Does anybody uses SPEAKY LANGUAGE EXCHANGE mobile app here?

  • Erine

    Is it possible if I have any of you as my personal tutor for free? Not really teaching me from A-Z but just by answering my questions will do. I will have a lot of questions to ask.

    • Pomagranite16

      No, they will not do it for free. They have live 1-1 sessions where you can practice and ask questions, but it is a paid service.

  • Erik Patterson

    Hello everyone. I am studying abroad at Sogang university in the Fall. I am looking forward to learning Korean with all of you.

  • suraj

    Many many thank to ttmik website. Its fun learning korean through this website . I regulary listen and watch your videos. Keep going .

    • JooyeonPark

      Thanks for studying with us! 🙂

  • Hi, do you still have a sister site where you have a native speaker correct Korean writing? I remember it being a paid service. I don’t see anything on the site that points to it now so I’m not sure if it still exists. Thanks.

    • downstack

      lang-8.com lets you get corrections from a native speaker in exchange for correcting their writing

    • Cee

      It’s shutting down I think, if not mistaken. ^.^’

    • Jimmy (지민)

      You can try hello talk 🙂

    • JooyeonPark

      I’m afraid that we don’t run that website anymore.

  • Hi …

    • Seokjin Jin


  • Chrissy

    Hii, are there any beginner English language learning books with speaking, writing, reading, and listening you would reccommend for koreans?

  • Branda

    Hi, is there an audio file for the Hangeul Master book? I want to know if I am pronouncing the sounds correctly.

    • Bennett Seacrist

      On the back cover of the book it gives the URL to download the files.

  • gabby

    Hello! I plan to sit for the TOPIK exam, however I have zero Korean knowledge. Is this site sufficient?

  • julie

    the most important part is to find a korean friend whom you can practice to speak hangul with.. ooohh, sounds great.. well, il-tan gong-bu-hae-yo… hahaha! i wonder if it’s right.. 🙂

  • Lydia

    Hi! I’ve been following you guys off and on for about a year now, but I want to thank you all for what you do here!! I’ve learned a lot through you guys, and I’m finally visiting Korea in August (: I will going through as many of your lessons as I can before then!

  • Cameron Belcher

    Where do I practice my writing? I tried go into harukorean, but it said I had to reserve a lesson or something. I just wanted to practice casually, on my own; not with a teacher.

  • Sabrina McColm

    I have been learning Korean and its culture through tv shows and music and disliked not knowing a clue how to write or read it. I’m so happy that this site exists! Being a poor college student, I’m also very grateful that this site is free. Although, I do plan on buying some workbooks when I get the chance. Thank you so much for making all this possible and I look forward to learning a lot.

  • Jenne

    I have been into Hallyu for almost two years now and I know to read and write Korean on a very basic level and nothing more. I have been wanting to learn Korean, and somehow came across this site, and trust me, it’s super awesome 🙂 Hyunwoo-nim and Kyeong-eun-ssi are doing an amazing job through the audio lessons. I have begun with level 1 and I have never enjoyed learning a foreign language this much 🙂 Thank you so much for all your efforts into teaching Korean 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

    • Jelica Manayan


  • Von Dame

    TalktomeinKorean, in my opinion, is the best thing since sliced bread! I have never laughed and enjoyed myself so much while learning a language. You all make learning Korean very fun and exciting! Thanks all for the hard work!

    • Jelica Manayan


  • Jelica Manayan

    Where can i buy korean book for *newbie*

  • Call Me Vin

    Having trouble understanding ‘eun’ and ‘neun’ (Level 1 Lesson 9). Can i say ‘i geo chaek eun ye yo’ instead of ‘i geo neun chaek ye yo’? Kamsahamnida!

  • fatma sha

    Anyong! Let me just say I LOVE THIS SITE!
    I had to put it in capital letters.
    Hyunwoo and kyeung- run are the best. Just fished level 1 now starting level 2.

  • Camille

    whoa this is the best site for learning korean! Hyunwoo is jjang~ hahahah thankyou for all your hardwork ^^

  • Faith Lwayo

    TTMIK 때문에 한국 VLOG 시작했다 ^.^ 고맙십니다!! 한국어를 같이 배우기 위해서요 ~.~

    I started a Korean Vlog because of TTMIK ^.^ THANKYOU!!

    보세요 ㅋㅋㅋ https://youtu.be/yMPnpFRN5Zc

    • Shanmuga Priya

      no audio

  • Mariko Sugiyama

    Where can I get the audio files of HANGEUL MASTER?

  • Naneki

    I’m one of the older learners, 45. Have always been passionate about learning and teaching languages. It started for me when I visited Seoul last year and picked up books level 1 to 4 at the airport during departure. I finished all the levels in 9 months and wow did I learn a lot!! So just wanted to say 정말 감사합니다 to the awesome TTMIK team. Like thousands here, I’m wholeheartedly grateful.

    • Jeannine

      Naneki you are not very old. I have you beat. But i like learning Korean very much.

  • Alex Van Tran

    Do you sell hardcopy of all of the lessons? Even though the site is useful and help me a lot. It would be great if you guys have all lessons in paperback. Gamsahamnida.

  • hilot

    hello! I am looking forward to seeing the level 10th grammar courses ^^ when will you publish them?

  • Nicolas Nwafor

    am a nigerian i tried so many site but just to let you guys to know TTMIK.COM is the best………………. kamsahamnida hyunwoo sun

  • AyraAriendera

    I want to ask something .. when and what situation can i use 내가, 난, 저 , 나는, 저는 와 내 ? One more can u guys send a korean word n their meaning every morning n night (in fb or twit) … i am too lazy to hear all of the lesson (mianhaeyo ^_^’)

  • Rosie

    Anyong, I just want to say TTMIK is a very cool site and I also watched some of your Youtube clips, they are awesome too! Great job everyone esp Hyunwoo. I started to learn Korea about a year ago because of a very famous Kdrama “My love from the star”. Love the leading actor and actress, love the OST and that draw me attention to know more about Korean. To start, I watched the youtube videos teaching Korean, however, TTMIK is outstanding as your programs are quite well organised for us beginners. kamsahaminda !! I’m up to level 2 and learnt a lot. Well, I’m a Chinese who lived in Australia for almost 20 years. When I first started to learn Korean, I was surprise to know 70% of Korean language originated from Chinese. That really made my learning much easier. I also realized that Hyunwoo knows quite a few other languages, would you like to teach Korean in Chinese as well?

  • Heejin

    Hi, all korean learners! I’m quite impressed how so many people around the world are really into learning Korean language. I’m a native Korean and am interested in language exchanges. I especially want to improve my writing in English. If you want, I think I can be a help of your korean studies. My email address is hopej21c@naver.com. You can contact me through this email or post a reply here. I’m looking forward to finding a good language friend. Thanks!

  • candra ng

    Hi, TTMIK Team. Thanks for all the lessons you’ve published in this site.

    it helps me a lot in learning korean from basics. i like the “dialog in 100% korean” a lot.
    It’s pretty clear and understandable.

    But It’s been few years since you release the level 2 dialog.
    Would you mind to publish level 3 as well? =D

    I bet a lot of people has been anticipating for that as well.

    Anyway, All the best for you guys,
    and keep create great stuffs.
    Buck Up!

  • Nurgul

    Hello dear teachers
    you are doing really great job
    but i want to ask where can i write if i ordered a book but didnt received it yet

  • Lina

    I bought some books at KCON15LA and even though I’m slowly going thru them, I really enjoy it. Just started the podcasts this week. Multi-tasking while at work. I love it! Great job TTMIK team!!! ^^