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[Advanced Level] Interview #1 – 문태곤

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This episode of TTMIK is a part of the series called “그들이 특별한 이유”, which means “The reason that they are special.” We believe that everybody is special in their own way, so in this series, we interview “ordinary people” and talk about why they are also “special.” This series was designed mainly for advanced level learners of the Korean language, therefore it is 100% in Korean. But even if you are not at advanced level yet, this series will provide you with great listening practice material. Every word used during the interview has been transcribed in the PDF for this lesson so be sure to download the PDF too. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment and we will do our best to answer them! Thank you!

문태곤, our first guest in this series is an engineer who works in a company but when he finds some free time, he likes to draw on Post-It notes. He has been drawing on Post-It notes for years now, and he has published a book from his drawings and he also has a blog here (click). Listen to the podcast and find out what makes him special as well as ordinary. The following are some of his drawings.

문태곤 문태곤

For all the Japanese speakers out there, Yuichi from Japan translated the entire interview into Japanese. You can read it by clicking on this link. Thank you Yuichi!

Level 1 Lesson 4 / I’m sorry, Excuse me / 죄송합니다, 저기요

After listening to this lesson, you can say “I’m sorry.” or “Excuse me.” in Korean. You will also learn how to say “Excuse me. Let me pass.” when you have to walk through a crowd of people. While it is simple to memorize just one phrase for each case, it is not so simple after all because even the same expression cannot always be applied to the same situation between English and Korean. Want to find out why? Listen in now!

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