Author: Hyunwoo Sun

Hello Kyeong-eun! – Live Korean Q&A (June 15, 2015)

This is an edited highlights video from the Live Korean Q&A session broadcast earlier today. The original broadcast was over an hour long, so we trimmed it down to just 8 minutes. We plan to do these live Q&A sessions as often as we can, and we will announce the schedule for the week on our website. We answer questions from the comments posted on YouTube during the live chat, comments on our website, on Twitter as well as through the language exchange app Hello Talk. (Download the app at and add Hyunwoo with his ID “ever4one”.)

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MERS – What’s Happening in South Korea?

A lot of people both in and outside of South Korea seem to be worried about the MERS (메르스: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus) situation in South Korea. Many people asked us if we could talk about this, so here’s a short video explaining what is happening in general. We tried not to include too much of our personal views and tried to just give you what we’ve observed and learned about. What are your thoughts about the current situation? Please let us know in the comment!

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Crossword Puzzle [Beginner Level] #2

Many of you liked our previous crossword puzzle, so here’s a new one! Crossword puzzles are a fun way to check your Korean vocabulary power and also learn some new words through the answers that you failed to get. Try solving this puzzle and tell us how well you did! We still don’t know how frequently or regularly we will be able to post these, but we will do our best to post them often, so please stay tuned!

ttmik-crossword 2

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