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Survey – Books on Korean Culture and History?

So far, all of the paper books that the TalkToMeInKorean team has published are about the Korean language. We have a bunch of new books coming out this year on learning Korean, but our publishers would like to know if our listeners are also interested in learning more about the Korean culture and history through books. If we were to publish books on Korea’s culture and/or history, what kind of topics would you like to read about? And what kind of books (including Korean language reference books) would you like us to publish in the future? Please let us know in the comments!


Crossword Puzzle [Beginner Level]

Many people have told us that they enjoyed the crossword puzzles included in the Monthly K-Pop Words: January 2015 edition, so we’ve decided to make some more for everybody who is studying Korean on our website! We are not sure how regularly we will be making these yet, but it will depend on how much you guys enjoy these crossword puzzles. Try solving this puzzle and please let us know if you would like us to make more of these!


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Monthly K-Pop Words: January 2015 (Introduction)

When you listen to Korean music, you will find that there are many words and expressions that are constantly repeated in the lyrics. In the January 2015 edition of Monthly K-Pop Words, we have analyzed 35 hit songs that were released in the month of January, 2015 and selected more than 200 words that are worth learning. Each word is pronounced clearly for you in the audio program and followed by a sample phrase that the word is likely to be used in.

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