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Help other learners study your language!

안녕하세요! Hello TTMIK friends and family! This is Hyunwoo from the TTMIK team. As you know, YOU ARE HERE Cafe, our joint coffee shop with EYK, has been up and running for a few months now, and we have come up with various ways to help you better learn the Korean language using the offline, physical location that we finally have. One of the activities we have been doing regularly is the self-study session. So far, unless there were special reasons not to, we have been hosting Korean self-study sessions at our cafe every Tuesday from 4PM to 6PM, every Thursday from 10AM to 12PM, and biweekly on Saturdays from 9AM to 12PM. (You can see the full schedule for upcoming sessions here:

We love meeting with our listeners through the free self-study sessions, and we are going to continue hosting these as long as we can. But we also meet a lot of people (not just from Korea but coming from various parts of the world) at the cafe who would like to also learn languages other than Korean. So we are looking for volunteer self-study leaders who want to help other people study your native language.

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Describe This Picture: Glass Wall


In how many ways can you describe a photo in Korean? This is the 6th episode of Describe This Picture with 현우 선생님. This photo was taken inside 쌈지길, a popular tourist destination in 인사동(Insadong), Seoul. Watch the video lesson below to see how well you understand the given sample sentences and also try to make your own Korean sentences using the key words introduced as well as your own imagination!

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