Author: Hyunwoo Sun (선현우)

TTMIK Talk – Buying and Selling Used Items

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How often do you buy or sell used items? In Korean, the term for used items is 중고, and in this episode of TTMIK Talk, 현우 and 경화 talk about their experiences of buying and selling used items both online and in person. Have you ever bought anything secondhand? Or have you ever sold any used item to anybody? What was the last item you sold or bought secondhand?

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International Song Collaboration – Bounce by 조용필

We announced the 4th international song collaboration a few weeks ago, and a lot of people did an AWESOME job with their singing in Korean! Thank you so much everyone for participating and showing so much interest and support! 🙂 Here’s the final result of our collaboration! If you want to participate next time, please stay tuned. You can find the info about everybody in this video below:

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