Author: Hyunwoo Sun (선현우)

[Ask Hyojin] University Tuition in Korea

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How much tuition do university students pay in your country? As part of our “University Life in Korea” series, in this video we talk about tuition in Korea. Attending college seems to be much more expensive in the US than in Korea, but there are some interesting differences between the two countries. We only compared the US and Korea because Terris is from the US and he could give us first-hand information. We’d love to hear from our listeners in other countries! Please let us know what the cost is in your country by leaving us a comment.

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Korean Dialect Lessons with Seokjin – Teaser

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the different Korean dialects, but found it confusing and difficult, you can start by learning a few expressions and expanding from there. In this series, Terris will attempt to learn some expressions in the dialect spoken in the Gyeongsang Province (경상도) area, which includes cities such as 부산, 대구, 포항, 마산, and 경주.

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