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[Ask Hyojin] How much Konglish do you understand? – Part 2

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Did you enjoy our previous Konglish video with Hyojin and Ben? A lot of people asked about many other Konglish words, so here we have the part 2 of the Konglish video!

In this episode of Ask Hyojin, Hyojin is joined by Hyunwoo to explain some more Konglish words we didn’t intorduced in the previous Konglish video.

Enjoy the video and let us know how many new Konglish words you learned through this video 🙂

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[My Weekly Korean Vocabulary] Take part in our next book!

Are you enjoying studying with us? 🙂 My Weekly Korean Vocabulary is one of our most popular e-book series. And based on the e-book, we published a book, ‘My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (book 1)’ a couple of months ago. A very cool thing about this book is that the illustrations used in the book were created by our listeners and supportsers who took part in “The Drawing Project”.

Now, we are working on the My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (book 2) and we would like to have you as the part of the book! Submit your drawing, your drawing and your name will be on the book!

You can learn more about the The Drawing Project HERE!
You can see the list of the keywords that you can draw an illustration on are HERE!
You can purchase My Weekly Korean Vocabulary book 1 HERE!
You can learn more about the My Weekly Korean Vocabulary book 1 HERE!

Thank you always for studying with us! Happy studying!

감사합니다 ^_^

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