TTMIK Audio Blog – 경은 – 인스턴트 음식 (Instant Food)


Do you like instant foods, such as instant noodles? Kyeong-eun does, but she’s trying to cut down on them to become healthier. Listen to her Korean audio blog about instant foods and improve your vocabulary and listening!

See the transcript, translation and image below.

여러분, 인스턴트 음식 좋아하세요?
전 좋아하는 편이에요. 물론 요즘에는 건강상의 이유로 조금 줄이고 있어요.

대표적인 인스턴트 음식으로 라면이 있죠? 그 중 컵라면을 들 수가 있는데요.
컵라면의 용기가 몸에 안 좋다는 기사는 항상 나오고 있지만, 컵라면의 유혹은 끊을 수가 없는 것 같아요.

저는 사실 음식을 고를 때 주로 먹어봐서 맛있었던 음식으로 골라요.
새로운 음식들은 누군가가 맛있다라고 증명을 한 것을 시도하는 편이고요.
그래서 컵라면도 주로 먹던 것만 먹게 되는 것 같아요.

요즘에는 컵라면도 새로운 종류가 정말 많이 나오는데 저는 항상 똑같은 컵라면만 먹어요.
새로운 컵라면을 먹었는데 맛이 없으면 그게 너무 싫어요.
항상 맛있는 음식을 먹고 싶은 제 마음 이해되시나요?

그런데 신기한 것은 컵라면과 그냥 라면의 맛이 조금씩 다르다는 거예요.
여러분도 느끼셨나요?

예를 들어, 똑같은 신라면인데 그냥 신라면과 컵라면의 신라면이 맛이 조금 달라요.
특히 짜파게티의 경우는 더 심한 것 같아요. 어떤 라면은 컵라면이 더 맛있고 어떤 라면은 그냥 끓이는 라면이 더 맛있고요 .

냄비에 그냥 끓일 때는 다른 재료를 더 넣어서 그럴까요?
아니면 물의 양 차이일까요?
용기가 달라서 그런 걸까요?
궁금해 지네요.

오늘 점심은 꼭 라면으로 먹어야겠어요.
왜 그런 거 있지 않나요? TV에 라면 먹는 장면이 나오면 라면이 너무 먹고 싶은 거예요.
아니면 편의점을 지나가다가 라면 냄새가 난다면 그 날은 꼭 라면을 먹어야 돼요.
여러분들은 라면이 아니라 다른 음식일 수도 있겠네요.
댓글로 남겨 주세요. 🙂

— translation —

Everyone, do you like instant foods?
I kind of like them. Of course, these days, for health reasons, I’m cutting down on them a little bit.

The most representative instant food is ramyeon, right? Especially cup ramyeon!
There are always news articles saying that the cup ramyeon’s container is not good for health, but I can’t seem to resist the temptation of cup ramyeon noodles.

In fact, when I choose food, I choose based on what I had before and enjoyed.
With new foods, I tend to try them after someone has verified that they are tasty.
So with cup ramyeon, too, I think I usually get to eat what I always eat.

These days, there are many new types of cup ramyeons, but I always eat the same cup ramyeon.
If I try a new cup ramyeon and it’s not tasty, I really hate that.
Do you understand me always wanting to eat delicious food?

But what’s interesting is the taste is a little bit different between cup ramyeon and regular ramyeon.
Have you felt that too?

For example, even with the same Shiin Ramyeon, the regular Shin Ramyeon and the cup ramyeon have slightly different tastes.
I think it’s even more so especially with Jjapaghetti. Some ramyeons are better as cup ramyeon and some ramyeons are better as the regular ramyeon that you boil.

Maybe because you put in more ingredients when you just boil in a pot?
Or maybe because of the difference in the amount of water?
Because the containers are different?
I am curious now.

I am going to make sure I have ramyeon for lunch today.
You know how… when you see a ramyeon-eating scence on TV, you crave ramyeon.
Or when you are passing by a convenience store and you smell some ramyeon, you have to have ramyeon on that day.
Maybe it could be other foods for you, instead of ramyeon.
Let me know in the comments!

TTMIK Audio Blog – 경은 – 인스턴트 음식 (Instant Food)
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  • Matthew Jackson

    I LOVE TTMIK!!! TTMIK 사랑해!!! 고마워!!!!

  • Matthew Jackson

    Seriously I LOVE you guys! WIll you ever stop being so awesome?? Huh??? 신난다!!!!!!!

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

  • Hello teacher Choi 🙂

    My husband and I love ramyeong but we try to consume it with moderation. It’s really tasteful and delicious. My favorite is beef flavor and my husband preferred the oriental or vegetable flavor. What kind of healthy foods you enjoy eating?

  • wintergreen


    새로운 시리즈 참 좋습니다!
    잘 들었습니다. 감사합니다! 🙂

  • Justin Summersell

    I agree with you completely! It is so hard to say no to a noodle cup. Honestly, I keep a big supply of noodle cups in my pantry. I know, they are not so healthy, but I am in school right now, so it is an easy and quick meal. Also, I agree that there is a big difference between noodle cups and regular noodles that just get boiled. Both are good, but the cups are the best!

  • marika

    전 라면 너무 좋아하는데 가끔만 먹게 되요.


  • js


    I am a ramyeon lover and I have to agree on the fact that there are really differences between cup ramyeon and regular ramyeon. For me, Shin ramyeon definitely taste better when we boil and cook them with eggs in a pot. 😀 I always felt that the cup Shin ramyeon somehow has some taste of paper, which probably would come from the container? However, I love 오징 짬뽕 cup ramyeon as compared to the regular ramyeon. It just taste amazingly better in cups.

    In Singapore, the imported Korean ramyeon (even though it is the same brand) sold in our normal departmental stores are not manufactured in Korea. I’ve compared it with the ramyeon I bought from local Korean stores and it tasted very different. I guess the origin of the instant noodles plays a part in the taste too. Maybe the way they manufacture the noodles or even the flavouring powder is different.

    And I do get upset when my ramyeon doesn’t taste good. I’ve heard how tasty Jjapaghetti is, and the first time I tried it was the cup Jjapaghetti. Frankly speaking, I don’t really liked the taste. So until today, I refuse to buy any Jjapaghetti, hahaha.

    This is really an interesting audio blog. I’ll look forward to more audio blogs.
    감사합니다 경은 선생님. ^^

  • Karaisoke

    I am a sucker for instant noodles. I love shin ramyun, but it’s made with beef broth and it tends to cause a lot of bloating in my body. They are my favorite noodle though. We do have one that I buy it’s a cup of ramyun and it’s got no animal broth in it. I just wish I could get extra freeze dried shrimp to put in it. It’s so good. I put extra kimchi in it while I eat it. Yum!

  • Eddy

    Hi everyone! I can not hear the audio here. Even I can not click the ‘Play’ button. Is there someone that can help me?

    Thank you

    • Hi Eddy,
      Which OS are you using? Would you check if it doesn’t work in Firefox or Chrome?
      Thanks for your comment and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  • hestina

    “짜파게티” 무슨 뜻이에요?
    저 중국인데

  • Jon

    이러한 오디오 블로그 너무 좋아요! TTMIK 선생님들이 전에 하시던 이야기 시리즈 (혹시 또 할 예정이 있으세요??)처럼 이렇게 일상 대화에 자주 쓰는 말을 쉽게 접할 수 있어서 도움이 돼요. 감사합니다.

  • Eddy

    Hi Seokjin,
    I’m using Microsoft Windows XP and Firefox browser. Maybe could you help to make it download-able mp3? I mean like mp3 for audio lessons. Because I do not have any problem when downloading mp3 and pdf for audio lessons..

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Eddy,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I will forward to Hyunwoo and other staffs.

  • Ha Nguyen

    Hi Seokjin,

    I also have the same issue as Eddy. I am using Windows 7 with IE 9 and Chrome browsers. I cannot download the file with both browsers.

    It is so good if you can make it to .mp3 format just as for audio lessons.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your team’s lessons.

    • Hi Ha Nguyen,

      Thanks for letting me know the problem. I am mainly using Chrome and Firefox browsers but I didn’t have problem when I download the files.

      Would you please let me know which file you can’t download? Or is it impossible for you to download all of the contents?

    • Hi Again,
      You can also download the file in SoundCloud website. Please click the logo on the bottom right side of the player and then I will see how to download the file.

  • Old Boy

    The phrases and verbs this blog contained used were all very useful. And because the blog was short, i was able to listen to it many times. End result: very educational little piece. Hope to see more blogs in the future.

  • jeff

    has anyone seen this new Korean/English study book? I was wondering if it was any good. It’s a pretty cool concept. What books do you all recommend?