[Blog] So What Exactly is a Cat Cafe?


Have you been to a cafe cafe before? If you haven’t heard about it or visited one yourself, here’s a blog post for you, brought to you by our guest blogger Emerson James.

This is a guest post by Emerson James. You can see more posts by Emerson on Talk To Me In Korean by clicking here or by visiting his website, whiteguyinkorea.com.

So, one of my friends saw this on Daehangno and decided that as a group of four foreigners, we should investigate.


Yes, that is right – it’s a cat cafe.

So, what is a cat cafe? Is it a cafe for cats? Do you take your furry campanion to this cafe and converse with other cat owners as your feline friend sips its warm mocha? Not quite.

It is this:


Still not quite sure what is going on? That’s ok. Here is a French guy whose actions better explain it:


Yes, that is correct. This is a cafe, to which you pay an entrance fee of 8000 won, where you pet cats and drink coffee because one knows that coffee or cats alone is never quite enough.

And one would think that this is the perfect place for those people seeking feline company due to rejection by their more complicated human counterparts – but that did not appear to be the case! No one here came by themselves and nearly everyone appeared to have come with a boyfriend/girlfriend – So better try a different place to find the girls, guys~

So then, what do these cat pimps offer to customers? A wide variety:


Notice the one working on a new fashion statement (Right) and the black-and-white one (Bottom-left corner)whose concentrated gaze on the food being handed out would rival that of even the most enamoured K-Pop fanboys.


Let’s get some close ups of these furry little guys!


Aww~ Looks like he just drank some water!


Oh, it’s smelling the French guy’s left hand! Obviously not liking what he is experiencing, it seems…

But wait… what’s this?!?


That is not cute or furry… but it’s a cat… with a coat because it doesn’t actually have a coat like the other ones? (The French guy felt bad for it.. but he feels empathetic for quite nearly everything – including himself.)

But seriously, how creepy is that thing? In case you are wondering, it feels like a cold turkey right before you put it in the oven. In case you don’t know what that feels like… it’s just weird.

And then it does creepy things like this – which is admittedly only creepy because it is it doing it. The other cats were doing the same and weren’t in the least bit creepy.


It’s like a giant rat… climbing a pole… dressed as Santa Clause… with a random foreigner and Koreans taking pictures of it.


Check one of these out if you come to Seoul, unless like me you have allergies related to cats. One would have assumed that 2 allegery pills and an inhalor would have been enough to prevent a onslaught of histamines from pumping through your bloodstream and wreaking havoc inside your body, but it is not so!


This is a guest post by Emerson James. You can see more posts by Emerson on Talk To Me In Korean by clicking here or by visiting his website, whiteguyinkorea.com.


1. cat café = 고양이 카페
2. to investigate a cat café = 고양이 카페를 알아보다
3. entrance fee = 입장료
4. to pet a cat = 고양이를 쓰다듬다
5. cute cat = 귀여운 고양이
6. furry cat = 털북숭이 고양이
7. creepy cat = 오싹하게 생긴 고양이
8. to climb a cat tower = 고양이 타워를 올라가다
9. check out a cat café = 고양이 카페에 가 보다
10. to be allergic to cats = 고양이에 알레르기가 있다
11. to scare the cat = 고양이에게 겁을 주다
12. to feed a cat = 고양이에게 먹이를 주다
13. to keep a pet = 애완동물을 기르다

[Blog] So What Exactly is a Cat Cafe?
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  • Marion

    James is too funny. The cat pimps surely stumbled upon a money maker. I wonder how they arrived at such an idea. Great idea. Not a cat person but i know many people who are. This wouldn’t work in NYC cause it would be a health violation…’tis a pity.

  • Hello this haves nothing to do with this post but where is the learning hangul section? The abc of korea please, i can’t find it please tell me.
    Thank you

  • hyanggi

    loved this cafe!!!^^ since my parents would never let me have a cat,, this is the place for me!haha

  • hestina

    I’m Chinese. The english translation is perfect. 한국어 번역을 보면 뜻이 좀 약하기 느껴요.
    creepy cat = 오싹하게 생긴 고양이
    pet = 애완동물을
    the english spelling is short while korean is 길어요.

  • 태권도_마틴_불가리아

    와~, 이 블로그는 날 웃게 했어요~! ㅎㅎ 아주 재미있고 웃겨요! 잘 쓴다! ㅅ_ㅅ

  • Haha! this is really cool I adore cats so that would be the ultimate place for me <3

  • 태권도_마틴_불가리아

    와~! 이 블로그는 날 웃게 했어요! 아주 재미있고 웃겨요!
    특히 스핑크스에 대한 부분은~.. ㅎㅎㅎ 잘 쓴다~! ㅅ_ㅅ

    • ㅋㅋ 아~ 갑사합니다.

      이런 칭찬하는 글을 읽으면 기분이 좋고 블로그에 글을 많이 올리게 계속 노력해 봐야겠다고 생각해요~

      다시 말하지만, 감사하고 저의 블로그를 즐겁게 많이 읽으세요~^^

    • 태권도_마틴_불가리아

      예이, 즐겁게 읽겠습니다~! ^ㅡ^

  • 태권도_마틴_불가리아

    Oops, I have some kind of problem.. My last comment didn’t appear, so I wrote it again and then it appeared 2 times. xD What’s wrong?

  • a

    hi.please respect to ur vieers and complete hangul teaching lessons.

  • a

    hi.please respect to ur viewers and complete hangul teaching lessons.

  • Jessica Bremer

    OH MY GOODNESS!! we need one of these in my area, STAT!!!

    sooo darn adorable <333

  • Jay

    Why is 대학로 written (and probably also pronounced) as Daehangno instead of Daehaglo?

    • It is a pronunciation rule in Korean!

      When ㄱ meets a ㄹ as in 대학로, the ㄱ turns into a ㅇ and the ㄹ turns into a ㄴ for the pronunciation.

      So, though it is written 대학로, it is pronounced 대항노 ~

      Hope that helps!

  • 아틸라

    너무 재미있어요! 🙂

  • Steve West

    I live in Seoul and am wondering if the Cat Cafe is here. I checked out the website, bu it has way too much Korean for my limited vocabulary. Can somebody please let me know. If this one is not in Seoul, does somebody know of one? Thanks.

    • This on is near Hyehwa Station exit 4. Walk out that exit and go left down the street. It will be on your right hand side and you will have to look up a bit^^. (I think it is on the third floor?)

      Hope that helps^^


  • Good that you raised the question on pronunciation Jay! I’m also encountering the same problem.

  • Erik

    I want to go to there.

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