TTMIK Comic Strip: 이 옷 어때?

경은 was excited about her new dress and asked 석진 what he thought of it… and he hesitates to tell the truth. Please also see the translation below.


경은: 석진아, 이 옷 어때?
Kyeong-eun: Seokjin, what do you think about this outfit?

석진: 음… 잘 어울려요.
Seokjin: Um… It looks good on you.

경은: 그렇지? 아까 사람들이 나 대학생 같다고 했어.
Kyeong-eun: It does, right? Earlier today, people said I looked like a college student.

석진: 그건 아닌 것 같은데…
Seokjin: I think that’s too much…

We hope you enjoyed reading this comic strip! Both 석진’s shirt and 경은’s dress were sponsored by Check out their website for Korean fashion shopping! Now, what do YOU think about her dress?

오늘도 한국어 재미있게 공부하세요! ^^

TTMIK Comic Strip: 이 옷 어때?
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  • Kelly Anaya

    나는 그것을 좋아요!

  • I think these comic strips are so awesome! I think you should collect them and make a little book/magazine and even sell them! I like them because they are truly conversational. Such a help! Thank you for thinking of yet another awesome way to help us learn Korean! Follow me on tumblr ok!

    • apple mae ojas


  • Натали Левенец


  • Scott G Wilson


    I’m very excited to be going to South Korea in July 2013. I would love to meet the wonderful people who have been teaching me Korean! Email me!

  • JH Chan

    고마워요! I learned something new again. ^^
    Always appreciate the hard work of TTMIK for us.
    경은 선생님 진짜 잘 어울려요! 예뻐요!

  • 단형

    석진씨의 표정… 참 웃겨요 ㅎㅎㅎ 코미크스트맆 너무 좋네요

  • very good . i like it .

  • cuterwin

    Hi good day. .my name is cuterwin I’m from the philippines. .I want to study. Korean language too. .how can I join? Is this free?

  • khloe

    하하하하 나쁜 남자

  • lex

    Hi! How 이 옷 어때 is pronounced? [이오서때]?

    • At the end of a word or before a consonant, all Korean consonants are pronounced without releasing air and as a result, the sound changes. For the ㅅ sound, it turns to a ㄷ (t) sound because you are not releasing any air when finishing the word. For example, 옷 (ot) is pronounced with the “t/d” sound because your tongue is kind of trapped between your teeth when you’re finished!! It’s really hard to not release any air when saying the ㅅ sound, so the t/d sound (ㄷ) is used to ease pronunciation. There are a number of consonants that change sounds at the end of a word, so please refer to this chart:

      So, it is pronounced like [이 오 더-때].

    • lex

      감사합니다. I asked this because for example 독일 is pronounced [도길]. Last consonant ㄱ goes to next syllable. I thought here is the same.

  • lexromah

    안녕하세요! ‘이 옷 어때’라는 표현 발음이 뭐예요? [이오서때] 맞아요?