Chat with us LIVE on Hello Talk (January 23, 2015)


여러분은 한국어 연습을 어떻게 하고 있으세요? How are you practicing your Korean skills? One of the best ways to practice and improve any language is to talk with native speakers. One way to do that is through our 1:1 speaking sessions on TTMIK Live, and another great way to find language exchange partners is through the Hello Talk app. We really like the app and we love using it ourselves, so we wanted to organize a session where we can talk to our TTMIK students in real time.

So we are going to be online on the Hello Talk app this Friday, from 1PM to 3PM. That’s January 23, 2015 in Korean Standard Time (GMT + 9). Please join us during those hours and talk to us in Korean! You can ask us questions that you’ve had for a while (about anything!), or practice speaking (using the voice message function) with us!

How to join us for the live chat

1. Install the Hello Talk app on your mobile device ( and add us using the IDs given in the photo above.
2. Add us as your friends and at 1PM this Friday, send us messages to chat with us!

We already use the app personally, so this Friday is not the only time we’ll be available, but sometimes when we are busy building Korean lessons, it might take many days or weeks until we can get back to a message. But this Friday, we are going to just SIT DOWN on our couch and chat with TTMIK students for two hours. We are looking forward to talking with you then!


Chat with us LIVE on Hello Talk (January 23, 2015)
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  • 제라드

    대박! 감사합니다! 토요일에 만날게요! 🙂

  • 고맙습니다 for chatting with me on Hellotalk tonight. Julia from Hanguk Babble. I bought all your books as Christmas gift for myself. I will study hard! Thanks for all you do.

  • peony

    My phone dosen’t support the app. Is there any pc version so i can use it in next chats??

  • Ancient Cities

    Me too I couldn’t download it, can you help me

  • 남하늘 Let

    hi everyone, Im looking for study buddies so would you mind adding my id
    hellotalk~ namhaneullet
    and let’s be study buddies then~ Thank you in advance!

  • Norma Vega

    Unfortunately, I missed your live chat. I recently joined Hello Talk. I would like to know if you have any other chats coming up?

  • Reyhan

    Hey hey heyy!! I’m also looking for friends on Hellotalk! My id is @hwaiting

    • K Meow Meow

      Hello 🙂 me too. Id :keurinmeow

  • sanjar

    hi, i can not registrate to hello talk

  • sanjar

    plz help me

  • 레베카

    I just downloaded HelloTalk to learn Korean, but I don’t want to annoy anyone D: so I. Wanted to ask if its okay for us to add you at any time? Or was it just for that chat?

  • K Meow Meow

    I already added 현우 선생님, 경화 선생님 and 석진 선생님 ㅎ.ㅎ.I hope there would be another live chat:D

  • K Meow Meow

    Hi everyone I Am new to Hello Talk and yeah feel free to add me:keurinmeow

    안녕 :3

  • Marc Roy

    Hello how are you?