TTMIK Comic Strip: 한국어 숙제를 안 하면

This is what happens when you refuse to do the homework teacher Hyojin gives you. Please also see the translation below ^^


효진: 한국어 숙제 다 했어?
Hyojin: Did you do all of your Korean homework?

테리스: 아니요~ 숙제 안 할 거예요. 노는 게 좋아요!
Terris: No, I’m not going to do the homework. I like to play!

효진: 이런… 선생님한테 혼나야겠어.
Hyojin: Oh my… Teacher is going to kick your butt.


  • 두둥 is usually used when someone makes an appearance. It resembles the sound of a drum kick.
  • 웅성웅성 describes the sound and manner of a group of people talking among themselves, but not very loudly.
  • 하하 and 호호 both represent laughter, but 호호 is more feminine.
  • 우워어어! here represents the sound that the groups makes as they are blown away by the hadouken of teacher Hyojin.
  • 팡! is similar to BAM!

Did you enjoy reading this?

If you did, and if you’d like us to make more comic strips like this one, please let us know in the comment!

오늘도 한국어 재미있게 공부하세요! ^^

(그리고 숙제가 있으면 꼭 하세요!)


TTMIK Comic Strip: 한국어 숙제를 안 하면
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  • Натали Левенец

    재미있어요! Thank you for the work!

  • chaw

    감사합니다 선생님. 더 보고싶다요. Hello Teachers, if 2nd sentence is not a polite one and not correct, please kindly forgive me as I am still a very beginner student of yours. 🙂

  • Jane apolinario

    I really thankful you guys I learn more
    Sorry I not good:)

  • sophia

    it was really funny, so thank you so much for sharing it and for taking some time to do it , I really love learning korean with you, your site and materials are great, funny and easy to unserdtand…..greetings from Costa Rica 😉

  • jas mok

    Love this comic ! 재미있다 !
    Please give us more….^-^

  • Jumana Jinju

    Please continue making more comics .. i think it’s the best way to learn a language by conversation (=^.^=) or storys !!

  • 싀모나

    This is really interesting, i wish that in the future you will make more comics, it’s really fun reading them 🙂

  • Fun

  • Rigo

    Hi there , i really like it
    According to naver dictionary 혼나다 means get in trouble , have a hard time , i guess you can translate it in many ways

  • Carl

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. This was good. Thank you always for your hard work and dedication in teaching us Korean.

  • Catherine

    I think this is a very fun way to read Korean text ^^ I hope you guys make lots more! 🙂 One day I bet you can make a very fun comic book xD

  • Mihee

    너무 좋아요 재미있고 많이 배울 수 있네요 이런 레슨 더 더 많이 해주세요

    • 감사합니다. ㅎㅎㅎ 이런 레슨 정말 재밌죠! 🙂

  • maissa

    i like this comic please give us more because with this comic we can practise reading and learn more vocabulary

    • Wow, many people like this comic concept! Nice!

  • Bradley

    Very cool.

  • Hi its very very good .