Week in Review: TTMIK Office (March 9, 2012)


Hey, everyone! Hyunwoo here. Starting this week, I will write a blog post every Friday to share with you a little bit of what happened during the week at the TalkToMeInKorean office in Seoul, Korea. By reading these blog posts, I hope you can get a better glimpse of how we work over here at the TalkToMeInKorean office.

Where should I begin? Last Friday, I met up with Eiko, who is a very talented designer and writer, for an interview for a Japanese magazine that Eiko is contributing to. This will be the first time that TalkToMeInKorean is introduced in a Japanese magazine, so I’m very excited about this! And while Eiko and I were doing the interview in a quiet cafe near our office, I got a text message from Kyeong-eun, telling me that a listener came for a surprise visit to the office! Fortunately, we were about to finish the interview soon so Eiko and I came back to the office, wondering who had come to see the team.

Many people have visited our office so far and not all of the visitors had previously contacted us before the visit, and we’ve bumped into many listeners in the street but this was the first time anyone came to our office by following my FourSquare check-ins!

(We take an Instax photo of everyone who visits our office and put the pics on the wall.)

So I came back to the office with Eiko to meet Dave Crimi, who had worked in Seoul for two years and was going back to Canada. It was nice to meet you, Dave!

(Photo by Eiko)

And this week, there were A LOT of updates on our store site. When we posted the survey last week on Facebook, a lot of people gave us some really good ideas about what kind of products we should post on MyKoreanStore – and we are working on them one by one. This past week, we’ve published a few keyboard stickers, notebooks, Rabito iPhone cases, and some books. Right now we only have a few books there, but we are going to add more Korean self-study books as well as books that you can actually just read to practice your Korean.

We have also added the “Send Me Everything” voucher to the store, a voucher you can purchase to receive our future digital products automatically as soon as they are published, while also saving a lot of money. We’ve already gotten quite a few orders so far, so thank you so much for the support!

And what else? Yes, we were on TV again. Well, not for many hours or not as a host of a popular TV show, but it is still very meaningful for us to see more and more Korean people becoming interested in what we do here at TalkToMeInKorean, helping people around the world learn Korean. The TV show is called “남희석의 SNS 52+”, and I was invited to join the show as one of the participants earlier this year. The 30-minute mini documentary was aired yesterday on KBS Prime, and it was fun to see my coworkers on TV again.

We were pretty busy this week because of the lessons and videos we’ve been posting, but also because of our upcoming website, “Talk To Me In English“. It is going to be a website for Koreans who are learning English, and it’s going to be a little bit different from TalkToMeInKorean, but we are going to be running it with some really cool people and we are going to make it a very fun and exciting site for English learners in Korea.

Overall, it was a very good week, very challenging at times but very very rewarding as always, at the TalkToMeInKorean office. How has YOUR week been?

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

– Hyunwoo –

Week in Review: TTMIK Office (March 9, 2012)
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  • bao

    Awesome! Who knows I might give a little surprise visit to TTMIK office too =D as a appreciation token ^^ kekeke

  • Morten Kristensen

    When I go to Korea, visiting the awesome TTMIK team is at the top of the to-do list.
    Hyunwoo and Seokjin, you guys have the best working conditions in the world, surrounded by all those pretty and awesome ladies. (Obviously you do not want to let the ladies know that someone said that. 🙂 )

    My week: Pretty awesome. Secured my spot at the World championships in disc golf in Charlotte, North Carolina in July. Managed to get to bed early so I could get to work early and get out and play every evening before sunset.

    • 😀 To me there is only one pretty girl in the world, but yes, my coworkers not too bad-looking either. Just kidding! It would be great to meet up in Seoul some time!

  • Elena

    좋은 생각인 거 같아요!^^ So that we don’t miss a thing! 😀

    오늘은 제 생일인데, 질문이 있어요! If I want to specify “My korean age is 24” how can I say it?

    많은 거를 가르쳐 주셔서 너무 너무 감사합니다!! <3

    • 네 ^_^!

      “한국 나이로 스물네 살이에요”라고 말하면 돼요 ^^

    • If I want to specify “My korean age is 24″ how can I say it?
      > 제 한국 나이는 24살이에요.

  • 감사합니다! 전부터 계속 궁금했거든요! 😀

  • 인다

    Would love to visit you guys on my next visit ^^
    Do you have any suggestion for a good dictionary to help us learn?

  • Rose Anne

    >> kamusta TTMIK staffs….?!!!!!
    I’m still a beginner and I really love this site….learning in korean here is quite easy…
    I’ve learned about this site in Sparkling magazine…
    >>God bless on your coming projects…
    fighting!!!!! =)

  • eina

    me also.. will make sure when I go to Korea, visiting the awesome TTMIK teachers is at the top of the to-do list… hopefully, i have that opportunity..

  • Courtney

    I am so happy to study with TTMIK! Do you have an estimated time when the weekly Korean vocabulary lessons will be available for the SuperAudiobook? I know lessons 1-4 are available, but I really want them all! (Even though I already bought the mp3 and pdf files for all the lessons.) If I have something on my iPhone I can study in my spare moments and lunch break much easier than if I need to take paper transcripts with me. I also hope that more audiobooks will be in the store soon; these are really great to help out my listening skills and build my vocabulary; and I love to hear about the experiences of the TTMIK teachers.
    Thanks for everything!

  • Yuichi Koshiba

    If there is also “Talk to me in Japanese,” it will be very fun too! I want to be a part of it 🙂

  • emmanuel

    Is it easy to go to your office? Hope I could drop by there when I go to Seoul in two weeks