[Blog] Places in Korea – Namsan (남산)


남산 (Namsan, literally “South Mountain”) stands in the middle of Seoul, surrounded by major shopping districts and an ever-growing and modernizing city; however, many generations ago, 남산 marked the southern border of Seoul.

This mountain is easily accessed from many different points in Seoul because of its central location. For example, it is a 20-30 minute walk from Subway lines 1 or 2, 시청역 (City Hall Station) in Jung-gu. It is also right outside of Subway line 6, 한강진역 (Hangangjin Station) and very close to Subway line 3, 동대입구역 (Dongguk University Station)

There is more to 남산 than N. Seoul Tower, a.k.a. Namsan Tower or 남산타워. One of the most popular destinations aside of the tower for tourists and Seoulites alike during the springtime is the Namsan Circular Road that connects the Namsan Library to the Paljakjung. The cherry blossom trees that line this road are absolutely beautiful and well worth the hike to get there.

Almost every part of 남산 is full of lush, natural green landscape that offers a great contrast to the tall buildings and paved streets of the surrounding metropolis. The entire mountain and surrounding area is known as 남산 공원 (Namsan Park). 남산 공원 contains many places of interest, including the National Theater, Namsan Public Library, and several statues in memorial of Korean patriots. The park also contains Paljakjung (an octagonal pavilion), an aquarium, a fountain, and a cable car leading to Seoul Tower.

Since 남산 is, well, a 산, an added benefit of the placement of this mountain is that you can enjoy hiking without having to travel very far away. While hiking one of the many trails on 남산, you can enjoy the multitude of trees, plants, and animals as well as take advantage of the exercise equipment You might have to fight off some 아줌마 or 아저씨 to use it, but it’ll be a good way to practice your Korean!

남산 is also one of the best places in Seoul to get a panoramic view of the city. Whether you go during the day or at night, you won’t be disappointed. There are various photo spots and viewing platforms along the walking trails that give you the best view possible and help you catch spectacular photos of your memories that will last a lifetime.

[Blog] Places in Korea – Namsan (남산)
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  • tqafadzil

    this place is so nice to take a walk and jog. My hostel was at beotigogae which is very near to namsan tower and I wish i can go there every morning ! so refreshing!

  • MagZa

    Wow, beautiful ^^
    I have been there by walking such it’s also tired. but i saw view around very beautiful.^_^

  • Andy

    I love Namsan park, I said to my friends if I ever live in Seoul I’ll live near Namsan!

    Want to adopt me TTMIK? lol!

  • Robie 989

    I am planing on going there one day…since i’m still in highschool it’s almost impossible:)

    i’m still at level three and i want to get to level 6 really soon..so until then you guys will probbley post a lot of posts on your blog..i am planing to read every one of them!!
    thank you for such a good job that you are doing!

  • 시혁

    겅원을 방문하고 싶어요 ㅠ.ㅠ

  • Maggy Wassilieff

    Ever since I went to Namsan I’ve been wondering how old the forest is on its slopes. Was this mountain in forest cover during the 2nd World War – Korean War period, or was it planted with forest trees sometime later? (I’m from New Zealand – so I’m not very good at judging the age or natural status of Korean forests).

  • This is great. My officemates and myself are planning to visit Korea next year spring time. This site is really best in planning our itinerary….We are often a do it yourself travellers.

  • shiny

    hi .thanks for your useful informations about this park. i love it a lot. but i can’t visit it now because i’m not in korea !! oh… please can you introduce a korean girl to me? i want to chat with her to get informations & know more about korea. if is anyone that can help me please send me an e-mail..thanks a lot …

  • Kiminda_92

    정말 아름다워요..
    남산에 가면 좋겠어요..

  • Chik

    Visited Namsan twice last summer. It’s an excellent respite from the bustle of the city. The walk up is not too taxing, but I was put off by being overtaken by ajummahs (in fancy hiking gear), as well as much younger girls (in high heels, no less). Liked the views, the special ?rubberised walking track and the fence at the top full of padlocks professing undying love.

  • Samuel

    Was there 2 months ago, but did not have a chance to explore the surroundings other than going to N Seoul Tower.
    Will do next time !
    Took the cable car on the way up and the same way on the way down…

    Thanks TTMIK !!!

  • Francis

    Teachers, thank you for the information regarding Namsan and Han River. Would it be possible to bike Seoul or are there guidelines to biking? It is much appreciated if you blog about biking there. Please also include if we can rent bikes. Gamsa hapnida.

  • myra

    Wow! This is really awesome. I’m really tempted to visit Seoul. ^_^ Wait for me KOREA!

  • Still remember my trip to Namsan and N Seoul Tower. My first impression was that it’s a place for young couples only 🙂 (because of so many ‘love trees’ and couples I saw there that day). And yes, if you wanna get an amazing, spectacular and panoramic view on Seoul, this place should be a “must” on your ‘places-to-see-in-Seoul’ list.