One Day in Seoul Recap + Giveaways Winners announcement


Hi! I’m Hyojin.

Did you enjoy watching us live streaming from various places in Seoul and do fun stuff for the One Day In Seoul event? You have no idea what I’m talking about? No worries! I will recap the event for you and let you know where you can watch the recorded videos!

On the 3rd of November, 2012, from 9 AM to 9 PM, we had a live streaming event to show you different spots in Seoul, do fun activities, and meet and talk to some of your favorite YouTubers and bloggers in Seoul. There were 12 main segments where we covered many different interesting places and topics. What if you have missed the event? You can still see the recorded videos from the live stream event by clicking on the links for each segment. Unfortunately, YouTube was down for a few hours in Korea during the event, so for some segments, we used Twitcasting instead of YouTube.

Broadcast Station Tour

For the first segment, we take everyone on a virtual tour to two Korean broadcasting stations; EBS and MBC. A famous radio show host, Angela Park shows us around EBS, and you can also see teacher 경은 visiting a sitcom studio set in MBC where they film a famous sitcom, 엄마는 뭐길래.

Watch the segment here

K-Pop Cover Songs

And for the second segment, we invite some talented indie bands to a cute cafe in Hongdae where they sing beautiful songs including some of your favorite K-pop songs.

Watch the segment here

Korean Culture Talk with Keith & Jamie

Next up, we visit a traditional yet modern Korean house and play some fun Korean games that the teachers used to play as children. Jamie Lee from Arirang Radio and Keith Kim from also join us and play the games together.

Watch the segment here

Live Octopus Lunch!

For lunch, teacher Kyeongeun and teacher Kyunghwa take you to a delicious live octopus restaurant and will make you drool!

Watch the segment here

Korean B-Boys – Jinjo Crew

After lunch, teacher Hyunwoo introduces one of the most famous B-boy crews in Korea, Jinjo Crew. If you missed watching them dancing and teacher Hyunwoo dancing, be sure to click on the link below and watch their B-boy dance moves!

Watch the segment here

Walk with us in Gangnam

And of course, we can’t miss out Gangnam. If you ever got curious what Gangnam looks like after listening to the song Gangnam Style, follow teacher Kyungwha and teacher Seokjin, joined by two famous YouTubers, Michael Aronson and JE$$ICA.韓 (Jessica Han), walking around the Gangnam street.

Watch the segment here

Live Chat with Eat Your Kimchi

You like K-pop songs? You like watching YouTube videos? In the next segment, teacher Hyojin visits Simon and Martina from and have a live chat with their fans.

Watch the segment here

Showbiz Tour

Another fun segment we prepared for K-pop lovers. Jamie Lee from Ariran Radio, and Jung Yoon Choi and Ji-Hoon Sun from ROKing Korea take you on a tour to some entertainment agency buildings where they train K-pop stars.

Watch the segment here

Make-up Shop in Gangnam

Now, I’m sure many of the K-pop stars and K-drama stars must be beautiful as they are without any make-up but I think they glow more with some professional make-up on. Teacher Kyeong-eun shows how it makes a difference by getting K-pop star make-up done herself!

Watch the segment here

Hongdae Live Tour

If you wander around in the Hongdae area, you might see TalkToMeInKorean teachers hanging out after work or during the weekend. Hongdae is one of TTMIK teachers’ favorite streets in Seoul and they will show you around the area! Javi from and will join the tour and will introduce a street artist, KeBeaVer.

Watch the segment here

Samgyeopsal Dinner

After all the walk (or watching us walk), if you are hungry, this time, teacher Hyunwoo and teacher Hyojin make you drool over Samgyeopsal. Samgyeopsal is one of the most famous Korean barbeque. If you see how we cook the pork, and how it sounds and looks, you will definitely become hungry.

Watch the segment here

Closing Party

Last but not least, we can’t end this enjoyable day without partying having delicious 치맥! Chicken and beer is one of the most beloved foods for Koreans. After we are done teasing you by eating all those delicious chicken and beer, we will show you how to play some Korean drinking games so that when you come visit Korea next time, you will enjoy your 치맥 with fun games!

Watch the segment here : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

We wrapped up our busy-yet-fun day showing you around Seoul with some delicious chicken and beer. BUT! We are not done yet! Throughout the live streaming event, we had 5 giveaway contests. Now, we are announcing the winners!

One Day in Seoul Giveaways Winners!

1. TTMIK Level 2 book (autographed by TTMIK teachers) – 2 people

LN 141096 (YouTube)

wefazuw (YouTube)

2.STRE-IT! Devil & Angel Phonecases – 5 people

Lok Esther (YouTube)

caytie91 (YouTube)

xxWiish’s channel (YouTube)

Dusty912yuyu (YouTube)

Regan Britstra (YouTube)

You can purchase the adorable phonecases HERE🙂

3. Cosmetic products from – 2 people

Virginia P (YouTube)

thetamade123 (YouTube)

You can shop for WishTrend cosmetic products HERE!

4. Infinte CD (autographed by Infinite) – 2 people

HH @n_hmizh (Twitter)

JoJo Ciuchina (작은 공주) (Facebook)

5. TTMIK Level 1 book (autographed by Infinite) – 3 people

Georgiana Costea (Facebook)

Mathilde. @MadMathou (Twitter)

Susana @suzanne1723 (Twitter)

You can purchase TTMIK Level 1&2 books HERE 😉

Congratulations! We will contact you individually to send out the gifts!

We had A LOT of fun! Whether you watched us through the event live, or if you are catching up the segments you missed now, we hope you had/have fun too!


One Day in Seoul Recap + Giveaways Winners announcement
  • Dear TTMIK,

    As the autumn days grow short and cold, you can see the dullness outside, making us feel a bit dull as well. But that’s not the case for me, some time ago I found something dear to me that makes my days more colourful and vivid, filled with warmth: it’s none other than TTMIK! Finally a way to my Korean Dream! Plus, one week ago I heard about ‘One Day In Seoul’ event – live?? wow! I could not believe that I finally get the chance to explore some awesome places in Seoul and have fun with a wonderful family! SO AUTHENTIC, I had to tell my friends too! And oh my!!! it was quite an experience, no matter the time!! I kept saying: 너무 행복 해요, and I felt like I was there!
    Today Nov. 14th, while I was reading TTMIK news on facebook I find out about Hyojin’s article about “One Day In Seoul” and I was happy to live again the wonderful experience also going through some of my favourite parts! Awesome TTMIK! But then comes the big BLAST!!!… the end of the article I just find, somewhere between many words, something that made me say out loud “OH MY GOD!!!”…….my name was there for the INFINITE CD autographed by INFINITE!!!!~ I had to look again…I was too familiar with the name so I thought it might be that my eyes are trying to trick me but… name stood there!! I was speechless! TTMIK’s huge reward!!!
    Therefore I would like to give you my warm greetings and special thanks for making this person HAPPY!!! 정말 감사합니다! 정말 감사합니다! 너무 행복 해요!!! This is a special day and many more colours were added to it thanks to TTMIK! Each and everyone in this family is special which makes me feel special too :D!
    Thank you again, truly I appreciate you! I am eagerly waiting everyday for more special things from TTMIK!! You never let us down!! Keep up the good work!

    Yours truly,

  • TTMIK!!!

    I was searching for some information.. may be I was wrong, and yesterday I was dreaming that I won the book sign by INFINITE, you can’t imagine how excited I´m, every hour and moment I remember when I saw your message in twitter, and I still without believe it. I screamed…my mom said: what what happen?? and me.. I couldn´t breath, I won. I’m so happy because this book is going to help me so much, i was thinking that someday I could buy it, but I saw it impossible for the moment. and now omg omg… thank you so much.
    This page help me with a lot of things and with the book is going to be awesome.
    TTMIK staff, you are really awesome, when I was like 12 hrs(the hours were so difficult to me, 5 pm to 5am) watching the program I really enjoyed, it was like I was there, and you were so nice althought you were in the other side of the screen, and you did a hard work mantaint every segment, and youtube was down you never gave up. I’m so happy that I was a little part of One Day in Seoul.
    정말 감사합니다…
    Still with the hard work, I hope to be there, when I growp up I want to be like you(a little late but I will do my best). You are doing a great job…

    Susana (Sussie, México) n______________n

  • 아틸라

    안녕! 첫 번째 세그멘트는 아주 좋은 것입니다! 고맙습니다! 🙂
    (Hi! The first segment was very nice! Thank you!)

    그리고 분위기는 매우 친절했습니다! 🙂
    (And the atmosphere (in the video) was very friendly!)

    주제 질문에서: 당신이 (TTMIK는) 이미 런던에 있었나요?
    (Off topic question: have you (TTMIK) been to London already?)

  • Sasipa

    It was really like I was going around in Seoul for a day, thank you!