3 Ways To Practice Speaking Korean Online

If you are living in Korea, it is easier to find people to practice speaking Korean with than when you don’t live in Korea. You can go to meet-ups or be introduced to new friends by a friend. Even if you do not live in Korea, however, you can still find language exchange partners and tutors online. Here are three ways you can practice speaking Korean online.

1. Get the HelloTalk app and set the language you want to learn as Korean.
2. Find 1:1 tutors on live.talktomeinkorean.com.
3. Listen to the audio lessons on our website and practice saying things out loud.

Get a free 3-month upgrade in HelloTalk


When you get the HelloTalk app, be sure to find and add teachers 현우 (ID: ever4one) and 경화 (ID: wittygirlhaeri)! Our friends at HelloTalk will give a free 3-month upgrade to the first 300 people who add 현우 or 경화 as a language exchange partner in the app.

You can get the app here:

한국어를 더 연습하고 싶으신 분들은 헬로우토크 앱을 다운로드해서 한국인 언어 교환 친구를 사귀어 보세요!

Thank you for studying with us and have another fun day learning and practicing Korean!!

3 Ways To Practice Speaking Korean Online
  • faiza

    Hi , thank you for your pieces of advice , it’s so amazing i hope you continue un you great job . i think i’ll try TTMIK LIVE as soon as i can . take care and god bless

  • Nan

    I downloaded the app on my phone and I gained new friends on Day 1, which was pretty cool! I got to introduce myself to some people and they actually understood me.^^ But past the self introductions, we had to talk about some other common topics and I found out that music is one of the easiest things to talk about.^^ It’s funny how they don’t know some of the Kpop that I know, while I also don’t know some western music that they listen to.

    One friend asked me, “What are you listening to these days?” I answered, “오! 아까 헤픈엔딩이라는 노래를 들었어요…” After that, he was gone for a moment and then came back and said, “우와 저는 헤픈엔딩은 처음 들었어요. 저보다 많이 아시는거 같아요! 저는 ‘우산’노래를 특히 좋아해요”. He added that he likes “Lost Stars” from the movie “Begin Again”. I’ve not heard of that song before so I looked it up and I quite like it too!^^

    Thanks for recommending the app. I’ve already learned so much since I started using it. I hope my friends learn from me too!^^ Surely, I will become better day by day.

    정말 감삽니다!

    ~Noreen aka “Nan” ^^

  • b1gpotato

    A new app called Parrot (http://meetparrot.com) that just came out this month pairs English speakers with Korean speakers learning English for video chat (like Skype) sessions. You speak 7 minutes of Korean, and then 7 minutes of English.

    Unfortunately it isn’t available for non-English speakers yet 🙁