[Poll] 석진 선생님에게 어떤 옷이 어울릴까요?

Thanks for visiting again! We know many of our listeners enjoy studying our TTMIK Talk videos, so we want to make our next TTMIK Talk episode really interesting. The next topic that we’ve chosen is FASHION(패션), and 석진 and 경은 will talk about their thoughts on 패션. But before we film that video lesson for you, here’s something we’d like you to do!

Please look at the two shirts above (that the models are wearing) and choose which shirt would suit teacher 석진 better.

어떤 옷이 어울릴까요? (= Which outfit would suit him?) 1번? 2번? Is it number 1, or number 2?

We’ll count how many votes which outfit gets and choose the one that got more votes. The outfit will be sponsored by TheHallyu.com.

Please leave us a comment and let us know! Out of everybody who leaves a comment, we will select THREE PEOPLE to give them the accompanying e-book for the upcoming lesson, “TTMIK Talk – Fashion”, for free!

We wish you another great day! 좋은 하루 보내세요~ 그리고 TTMIK Talk 레슨 기다려 주세요~~~~!

[Poll] 석진 선생님에게 어떤 옷이 어울릴까요?
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  • Rosa

    Number 1 is the best choice!

  • hestina

    제가 생각이에는 2번 더 어울린 것 같아요.
    그 검은 녹색갈이 석진 선생님은 입어시면 남자다워요.
    게다가 우리 선생님 그런 남자 매력 기질이 나와요.
    그래서 출튀근 시간에 2번 입으면 좋아요.
    하지만, 여자 글리기 위해하거나 데이트 하거나 1번 더 좋아요. 색시보니까

  • Hermine


  • Siska

    I think number 2 is more suitable for 석진 선생님.


    i think 2번

  • Tiara

    Number 2 suits him best.

  • Besmasmile

    i think that the second outfit would be better.
    i couldn’t imagine him with the other cloths.

  • anton

    1번 과 2번 다 좋아요 … ㅎㅎㅎ !!!
    1 번은 어울려어요 … 🙂

  • Grace

    2 most def

  • Number 2 will be good for him.

  • Jae Anne

    I think the first one is better for teacher Seokjin! (: Pastel colors are in nowadays, and wearing quite colorful clothes for men makes them unique. And most important is if they feel good in wearing such clothes and if it’s comfy, it will certainly look great on them! Korean fashion is the best! 😀

  • Dada

    No.2 looks great!!!!

  • lilitulip

    sure number 2 ^_^

  • krs

    Number 2:)

  • Bradley

    Definitely number 2.