Talk To Me In Korean Book / MP3 Downloads

Thank you for choosing to study Korean with us! We are thrilled to see our lessons published into books which are available in stores for you to purchase and use to enhance your studies. While our online courses will continue to be updated, we hope that our printed books will be a good guide for efficient self-study or study groups. If you have already purchased our textbooks, but cannot extract the audio files from the accompanying CD, you can download the audio files directly from this page. If you’d like to view and purchase other levels in our textbook series, you can visit the TTMIK Books selection in our store. [Link]

Level 1 MP3 Download


Level 2 MP3 Download


Level 3 MP3 Download


Level 4 MP3 Download




  • behnaz

    안녕하세요 선생님!
    정말 감사합니다 for your web site.
    i am learning korean with is great!!!!

  • F.J

    안녕하세요…I love you TTMIK…♥♥♥
    but,what about the other levels???3,4,5,6,7,8,9????

  • Julianty Amalia Intan

    Dear teachers, there’s something I wanna ask. I got some Korean friends here because they work in my country, but everytime I ask ’em to teach me or to help me to practice they always say “Korean is hard for us too” when I ask what’s that mean they answer “well, dunno how to explain it”. so, do you know what they mean?
    Thanks before 🙂

    • Hi Julianty Amalia Intan,
      As the grammar structure is quite different from other contries’ languages, they will feel hard to explain it, and as you know, we all learn our languages naturally and that’s why it is hard to teach someone.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Rob

    Will level 3 be uploaded her as well, Ipods don’t seem to like the wma’s from the CD being uploaded onto them

  • Jacob

    It would be great if you could upload level three as well! Thank you for all of your hard work! 😀

  • i want to learn korean

  • Diya

    Thanks so much for uploading level 3. Now I can download the files onto my phone!

  • Ninti

    thank you very much!! this is so entertaining for me))
    I would like to go to Korea as a student
    I know that my knowledge of the korean language so small yet, but I hope this will change with your help)
    thank you for your work guys! with impatience I’ll wait for new themes ^__^

  • annyeong!!:) I wonder how would i pronounce my name in korean “Gladys Avila”.. i mean the natural way of saying it in korean, just like a native.. keke i hope Seokjin oppa or Hyunwoo oppa, would call my name.. kya!!~ kekekeke

    • Hi Gladys,
      I may call you like “글래디스 아빌라” in Korean.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • soo moonhee

    hello guys.. i thought i will more learn here..

  • soo moonhee


  • Mateusz Bałas

    Very useful, thanks 😉

  • Yohan

    Kamsahamnida!!!! For bringing these lessons in our world… Hahaha Jin jja gomawo… Even when I was a child Im dreaming to learn other languages… It is so long now that I learn basics from Spanish..German…japanese …chinese.
    .now I think Korean is fit to me… Since I’m a kpoper and I can read Hangul 한길 .. I planning to go in Korea and explore more in their country.. I started learning 한극 since I started of being a kpoper.. Hahaha I think its so fun.. I will be a math teacher 3yrs later and I want to go in Korea and continue my career… XD

  • TaeJin

    Omo, i love your username. Kim seok jin of bangtan right? 😀 <3

  • TaeJin

    Is this available in the philippines?? (Book) 🙂 please?

  • EunJoo

    Hi there! I love Talk to me in Korean! So I believe soon I can be an expert in K Language!

  • Rachael Jean Hayes

    Are the audio tracks different for the first edition? I have the old workbook and it doesn’t seem to be matching up. Thank you!

  • JayOwai Joy

    감사합니다. ❤

  • Mr. Supardi

    hallo. Talk To Me In Korean.
    I am a new comer but I really like your Audio level 1 to 4. I really need of those books so how can I get. nothing in Indonesia,. kamsahamnida.