Chat with us LIVE on Hello Talk (January 23, 2015)


여러분은 한국어 연습을 어떻게 하고 있으세요? How are you practicing your Korean skills? One of the best ways to practice and improve any language is to talk with native speakers. One way to do that is through our 1:1 speaking sessions on TTMIK Live, and another great way to find language exchange partners is through the Hello Talk app. We really like the app and we love using it ourselves, so we wanted to organize a session where we can talk to our TTMIK students in real time.

So we are going to be online on the Hello Talk app this Friday, from 1PM to 3PM. That’s January 23, 2015 in Korean Standard Time (GMT + 9). Please join us during those hours and talk to us in Korean! You can ask us questions that you’ve had for a while (about anything!), or practice speaking (using the voice message function) with us!

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3 Ways To Practice Speaking Korean Online

If you are living in Korea, it is easier to find people to practice speaking Korean with than when you don’t live in Korea. You can go to meet-ups or be introduced to new friends by a friend. Even if you do not live in Korea, however, you can still find language exchange partners and tutors online. Here are three ways you can practice speaking Korean online.

1. Get the HelloTalk app and set the language you want to learn as Korean.
2. Find 1:1 tutors on
3. Listen to the audio lessons on our website and practice saying things out loud.

Get a free 3-month upgrade in HelloTalk


When you get the HelloTalk app, be sure to find and add teachers 현우 (ID: ever4one) and 경화 (ID: wittygirlhaeri)! Our friends at HelloTalk will give a free 3-month upgrade to the first 300 people who add 현우 or 경화 as a language exchange partner in the app.

You can get the app here:

한국어를 더 연습하고 싶으신 분들은 헬로우토크 앱을 다운로드해서 한국인 언어 교환 친구를 사귀어 보세요!

Thank you for studying with us and have another fun day learning and practicing Korean!!

Here’s our video from the 2013 Korea Content Awards ceremony last week

We posted last week that we got an award from the Korean government for our Korean language education activities, more specifically, from the Korean Prime Minister. We wrote about it in more detail in last week’s blog post, and we finally finished editing our video footage from the award ceremony. We hope you enjoy the video and thank you once again for your love and support! The subtitles are available in both English and Korean, so be sure to turn on the captions to see them. 감사합니다!

We’ve won a Prime Minister Award from the Korean Government!

Hi, everybody. Hyunwoo here from TalkToMeInKorean. Words can’t describe how excited we are to share this news with you. We’ve won an official award from the Korean government that recognizes our efforts to teach the Korean language and share the Korean culture with the world. We couldn’t have done this without all of your love and support so thank you so much! If you’d like to hear the rest of the story, please read on.

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Happy Hangeul Day 2013!

October 9th is 한글날 (Hangeul Day), the day that Hangeul was proclaimed and announced to the public in 1446 by King Sejong. To celebrate Hangeul Day, we decided to do something different from usual this year, and go out to the streets and interview some citizens of Seoul. The question we posed to them was “What would it be like to have to read Korean sentences without using Hangeul. Take a look at the video above. Hope you enjoy watching it!

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TTMIK Photo Walk


We work very hard every day at the TTMIK office, and we love what we do, but we need a break from time to time. So last week, we decided to set aside a little bit of time and take a walk all together. But since we also love sharing our photos with our listeners, we took a lot of photos. Here are some! Hope you enjoy them! 열심히 일을 하다 보면 가끔 휴식이 필요할 때가 있죠? 지난 주에 다 함께 산책을 가서 찍은 사진들이에요. 재미있게 봐 주세요!

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