How Do You Say This?

How Do You Say “Can I make an appointment?” In Korean?


Surprisingly, we haven’t covered how to say “to make an appointment” in Korean in How Do You Say This In Korean series before. Well, it’s about time! This week, Kyung-hwa explains how to say “to make an appointment” in Korean, when to use it, and even how you can sound polite or formal. For those who want to study more than what she explained in the video, she put some extra information in the description box on YouTube, so please check that out if you would like to know what it is! 😉

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How Do You Say “Please don’t put in any spring onion” In Korean?


파 (green onion) is a very common ingredient in Korean dishes. Many types of soups have slices of green onions in them and small slices of green onions can be added to various types of fries to add some more spiciness. But what if you don’t want any green onions in your food? Learn how to say that in natural Korean with 경화 선생님 through this video.

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