Level 3

Level 3 Lesson 11 / ㅂ irregular / ㅂ 불규칙

안녕하세요! Welcome back to TalkToMeInKorean.com! You have learned A LOT about verbs so far! You can now conjugate Korean verbs into many different forms! Great job so far everyone, and today we would like to introduce an exception in the Korean verb rules, which is called the “ㅂ irregular”. Well, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Listen in to find out more!

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Level 3 Lesson 7 / linking verbs / -아/어/여서

안녕하세요! There are many different ways of linking verbs in one sentence in Korean, and we’ve already looked at how to use -고 [-go] through one of our previous lessons. Today, in this lesson, we are looking at how the verb ending -아/어/여서 works. After studying this lesson, you will feel that your sentence building skills in Korean have improved a lot! Have fun!

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