All Of Our Lessons About Particles/Markers (조사에 관한 레슨)

Over the course of many years, we have published several lessons on particles (or markers), which are called 조사 in Korean, and for your convenience, we have put them together in this one post. Particles play a very important role in the Korean language, as they “mark” the roles of individual words and therefore allow them to move around in a sentence relatively freely. (e.g. Think of 저는 커피를 좋아해요. and 커피를 좋아해요, 저는.)

So here are all of our lessons related to particles/markers! The first one is an audio lesson about 은/는/이/가, topic and subject markers.

Level 1 Lesson 9 of the TTMIK Grammar Curriculum 

Topic and subject marking particles: 은/는/이/가

The topic marking particles and the subject marking particles play a very important role in Korean so it’s very important that you learn them well. But even some advanced-level speakers of the language can make mistakes regarding these particles, so please don’t worry even if you don’t get them right away. You will eventually be able to use them naturally after some practice.

Download the PDF lesson notes for free here
Download the MP3 file for this lesson here

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