Level 3 Lesson 1 / too much or very / 너무

Welcome to Level 3, everyone! And congratulations on finishing Level 1 and Level 2. In this lesson, we are introducing an expression that is very commonly used, and in two opposite meanings, too. The expression is 너무 [neo-mu] and it can be used to mean both “very” in positive sentences and “too much” in negative sentences. Listen in to learn more about how it is used!

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Trip to Jeju Island – Trailer


안녕하세요, 여러분! We are trying something new here. This is our first TRAVEL SHOW! Like we told you last week through our facebook page, Kyeong-eun, So-yeon and Hyeon-jeong went to Jeju for vacation. And while they were there, they took a few thousand photos and some videos for you. Here’s a trailer of the trip, before we post more videos soon!

In the next video for this trip, Kyeong-eun and So-yeon will do some more talking, so you can learn some new expressions. 🙂

And let us know what you think about this video. Do you want more travel videos like this?

Thank you for your support, everyone!