News In Korean – 담뱃값 인상, 금연 효과 있었다 (July 28, 2015)

As you've probably heard, the South Korean government raised the general cigarette price last year, and many people apparently ended up quitting smoking because of that. You can read more about this in today's News In Korean articles! Are you ready to learn some new Korean vocab words and expressions? Jump right in and listen to the free audio track for this News In Korean article! Find out more and read about it in Korean through today's News In Korean articles.

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Talking Casually – Kyung-hwa & Jooyeon – TTMIK Story Time

In Korean, it is very important to know whether to talk in casual language to someone or in polite and formal language. It is always safer to go with the formal language at first, but once you get to know the other person better, you will naturally switch to casual language. In today's TTMIK Story Time, 경화 starts speaking to 주연 in 반말 (casual language). Watch this video to check what 경화 actually says to start speaking casually.

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