The Korean Verbs Guide is published!

Let’s take a more detailed look at our new release, The Korean Verbs Guide! Teacher 경화 and 현우 show you what the book looks like and what kind of content you can expect to see in the book. The book is divided into two volumes to make it easier for you to carry around wherever you go, and if you want, you can also purchase the e-book version for this book! Get your copy at 🙂 재미있게 공부하세요!!!
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The Korean Verbs Guide – Pre-order available now

We have our newest book coming out soon, and it’s going to be about Korean verbs! You can pre-order them here now to get a special gift with it and our autographs.

This book is designed to help you understand how 100 of the most commonly used Korean verbs are conjugated and used. If you are just starting to learn Korean, going through all the verbs in the book one after another can be a good idea, but if you already know some Korean and want to enhance your grammar skills related to specific verbs, feel free to just look up those words and practice using them. In addition to the conjugation tables, you will see many sample sentences and quizzes to help you become more comfortable in using the verbs, so be sure to keep practicing and reviewing!

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