TTMIK Talk / Our Trip to the Philippines

Two TTMIK teachers, Seokjin and Hyojin went to the Philippines on a trip, along with some other bloggers from Korea. This trip was fully sponsored by the Philippine Department of Tourism and they had a great time there! Of course while Seokjin and Hyojin were there, they made this video for the TTMIK Talk series, to help you learn more Korean expressions and practice listening.

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TTMIK Talk / Interview with A-Prince

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We met with A-Prince in their studio in Seoul a couple of weeks ago. They debuted very recently but already has a lot of fans in many countries. We had a great time and a lot of fun doing this interview with them, and we hope you enjoy the videos too. There are two parts to this interview and this is Part 1. The 2nd part will be posted next week. Thank you!


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