What is 초딩, 중딩, and 고딩?

초딩 [cho-ding], 중딩 [jung-ding], and 고딩 [go-ding] are all slang expressions that respectively refer to elementary school students, middle school students and high school students. The full terms are 초등학생 [cho-deung-hak-saeng], 중학생 [jung-hak-saeng], and 고등학생 [go-deung-hak-saeng], and they get shortened as above in casual, colloquial settings. It is not appropriate to use these terms in formal settings or with people that you’re not close to. Similar terms are 대딩 [dae-ding] for 대학생 [dae-hak-saeng], which is university students, and 직딩 [jik-ding] for 직장인 [jik-jang-in], which means people who are working at a job.