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Hello! Welcome to the Community Link Feed. Anyone can submit links with a short description which will then appear in the sidebar. Links must be approved before appearing and we filter out links that aren’t relevant to the audience. We generally want links that are fun, interesting, and helpful for all learners of Korean. So if you know about any interesting or useful sites, we encourage you to share them with your peers.

You can submit your links below using the form. They are generally approved within 24 hours.
Please make sure you read the following guidelines before submitting:

  • You have a 200 character limit for your description. Anything longer will get truncated.
  • In case of error, avoid placing URLs in your description unless you mark them up in HTML
  • If you decide to include links, please follow This format. keep in mind the 200 character limit!
  • If you are referencing more than one resource in your description, we recommend that you create a new submission for that resource instead.
  • If you would like us to edit your submission, Let us know.