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  • kacsaleves

    Dear TTMIK,

    I am writing you inconnection with the order I have placed on the 23rd of January (#MKS376037).

    The package has arrived, but the vat invoice didn’t, eventhough I have put in the company name at the billing information.

    Is there a way for me to get the invoice?

    Best regards,
    Sára Szörényi

    • kacsaleves

      I thought this would send it to you instead of commenting. I guess the contact us is not working at the moment, it only shows [contact-form-7 id=”18156″ title=”Contact Us”].
      I can’t even delete it. Please help me out upon reading it.

  • 영화 김 young-hwa kim

    이분들을 위해 도움드릴 방법은 없나요? 경남북 사투리(20년 살았으니까)에서 서울말(그래도 가족 뺴고는 사회생활은 15째 쓰니까)도 가능한데요. 뭐 어떻게 지원하는지 몰라서요. yhkimturk@지메일입니다. (스팸방지를 위해 끝 메일주소만 변경합니다)

  • Kinsasha Lundy

    안녕하심니까? I was wondering about the differences between 의견과 봅시과 이야기하다 is. Please answer when you can. Thank you for your hard work in teaching all of us Korean ~~

  • Miss thao

    I am just wondering if it’s possible to get free shipping if we buy a certain amount of price. I really want to buy the books but shipping end up costing half of the book.

  • Felipe

    The lesson 11 on level 2 is not working.

  • Lewis Horwood

    The link for level 3 lesson 1 is not working.

  • Miriam Barattoni
    The link to the video is not available in Italy. 감사합니다!!

  • Kelly Gothra

    Why does it cost $20.00 dollars to ship 1 book to the US? That is almost the price of the book!!!! Makes one wonder if it is even worth ordering.

  • Jhonez Daniel Chua

    is it possible to have a free shipping