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  • kacsaleves

    Dear TTMIK,

    I am writing you inconnection with the order I have placed on the 23rd of January (#MKS376037).

    The package has arrived, but the vat invoice didn’t, eventhough I have put in the company name at the billing information.

    Is there a way for me to get the invoice?

    Best regards,
    Sára Szörényi

    • kacsaleves

      I thought this would send it to you instead of commenting. I guess the contact us is not working at the moment, it only shows [contact-form-7 id=”18156″ title=”Contact Us”].
      I can’t even delete it. Please help me out upon reading it.

  • 영화 김 young-hwa kim

    이분들을 위해 도움드릴 방법은 없나요? 경남북 사투리(20년 살았으니까)에서 서울말(그래도 가족 뺴고는 사회생활은 15째 쓰니까)도 가능한데요. 뭐 어떻게 지원하는지 몰라서요. yhkimturk@지메일입니다. (스팸방지를 위해 끝 메일주소만 변경합니다)

  • Kinsasha Lundy

    안녕하심니까? I was wondering about the differences between 의견과 봅시과 이야기하다 is. Please answer when you can. Thank you for your hard work in teaching all of us Korean ~~

  • Miss thao

    I am just wondering if it’s possible to get free shipping if we buy a certain amount of price. I really want to buy the books but shipping end up costing half of the book.

  • Felipe

    The lesson 11 on level 2 is not working.

    • Alicia Gogue

      Try the ttmik app

  • Lewis Horwood

    The link for level 3 lesson 1 is not working.

  • Miriam Barattoni
    The link to the video is not available in Italy. 감사합니다!!

  • Kelly Gothra

    Why does it cost $20.00 dollars to ship 1 book to the US? That is almost the price of the book!!!! Makes one wonder if it is even worth ordering.

    • Jennifer Billups

      Korea is far from the United States, and it has to do with their postal service. The Talk To Me In Korean people can’t do anything about it to lower it. They just try to offer low priced books because of that. They are also having a Summer Sale right now, which ends July 4th if you can catch it before it ends, which might help a bit with cost. So I hope this helped you! ^_^

  • Jhonez Daniel Chua

    is it possible to have a free shipping

  • Campbell Burrowes

    Hi there – I sent a FB message last Sunday (30th April), then followed up via both FB and email on Tuesday 2nd May, and then ended up placing my order on Thursday (4th May) and followed up with the same outstanding question.
    To date I still have had no reply (which I was hoping to get answered prior to my order shipping – as I wanted to add some additional books).
    On top of that, assuming my order has shipped (?) – I still don’t have my tracking number even though I replied to the official order email. As I’ve ordered the 19 book bundle this is worth quite a lot of money and I would like to track it’s progress
    It’s as if all my queries have fallen into a black hole…is there anyone working there in your customer services team?? 🙁

  • areeba tanveer

    I really want to order TTMIK Textbook+Workbook level 1 but can’t as my country ‘Pakistan” is not on the country list. Please do something about it. Thank you.

  • yuling

    I bought all 19 books a week ago and they still haven’t arrived, I also don’t know where my “tracking code” is even though it’s available. I just wanted to know if you had any idea when it will arrive, I live in Britain and I understand it might take a while but I paid an extra £80 for “3-5 day shipping” and it’s still not here- I ordered on the 6 May BST (at around 2am 7 May KST) and either way it’s been over 5 days.

    • Sara

      Hello! I have the same problem as you… i ordered the 19 books too.. do you have a shipment number?? Because i don’t and i don’t know where can i track my order..

    • James Gibson

      I have also had the same issue. Ordered 6 days ago and haven’t received a single piece of information with regards to a dispatch or tracking number. I messaged them on Facebook (through the contact section on their site) and received no reply within 48 hours. I e-mailed the above address and have also not received a reply. Getting kind of ridiculous now. I’m not expecting it to be delivered so quickly, but when we pay for express shipping and it promises a tracking number at least deliver on that. It seems like our orders are in limbo.

    • Jennifer Billups

      Unfortunately if you guys did not pay for another kind of shipping that was listed and included tracking information with it, then you got the Standard Shipping for it. The Standard Shipping has no tracking code available, and Delivery takes 2-3 weeks. If you don’t receive it after 3 weeks, you are suppose to contact them. I hope this helped you! ^_^

    • Jesus Cabrera

      Hey did you eventually recieve your order correctly or did they ever get back to you?

    • Gönczi CssaBee

      After 4 days I contacted them at and had a reply in few hours with the shipping date and tracking number.

  • Iman Ha

    Hi, i placed an order 2 1/2 month ago and the books still did not arrive. I also wrote an email 2 weeks ago but i did not get an answer!!!!!!

    • Jennifer Billups

      Try contacting them on their Facebook page at:

      They always respond very quickly to messages. I know mine is always answered. So I hope this helps you, and that you get your book finally if you haven’t yet. ^_^

  • pinchen

    Hi!! I like this web so much! You guys really do a big help for people who wants to learn korean! I would like to ask, is there more 100% korean dialogue in each level? Cause I just see one dialogue in each level. or where can I find other dialogue? Thanks a lot!!!

  • Kristin

    Hi just want to know which book is the best for learn vocabulary for beginner level? first 500 words or the weekly vocab? Thanks

    • Jennifer Billups

      I’m pretty sure in a video that they posted, on their YouTube channel, they said the “My First 500 Korean Words” is new and for beginners; while the Weekly Vocabulary books are more for Intermediate-Level learners.

      I hope this helped you! ^_^

  • Nanita80

    I want to say 감사 합니다 for the tools and helps that TIMIK put to the public’s disposition. I start to learn Korean some month’s ago and casually, I find a TIMIK video on YouTube and this one brings me to your page wich was a total bless. Your teaching metod it’s amazing; easy to catch and clear to learn so once gain 감사 합니다 from Colombia.

  • Julio Jurenito

    Is there a Korean-English dictionary you would recommend to a beginner-level English-speaking learner of Korean (in either printed form or as a smartphone app)?

    I tried to find one on Amazon, but nothing seems appropriate, especially due to the fact that all of them use romanization, either exclusively or alongside with Hangul; I would prefer a dictionary without romanization at all/

    So, what would you suggest?

    • Alicia Gogue

      Translator app

  • Ronnel

    Where can i buy books here in korea,because im working here now.. thanks a lot.. im in seoul..

  • Ronnel

    Hi..where can i buy books here in korea,thanks

    • Jennifer Billups

      They might be in a bookstore, but if not you can still order online from:

      Since you are in Korea, it will probably just take a few days to receive it by mail. I hope that helped you! ^_^

    • Alicia Gogue

      Or go to and type in ttmik workbooks in search box.

  • adam

    does anyone know what happened to harukorean? I can’t seem to find the website advertised in the verb guide

  • Meya

    How do you say “do you want me to speak to you in a formal way?” In Korean?

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work you put into these lessons. I wish to give some of the joy you’ve brought me back someday.

    감사합니다 from a very happy gal with very empty pockets.

  • Equistar

    Hello! Can you PLEEEEEEASE make your books available on Apple’s book store?? It would be great to have the text and audio files all in one place. Also, I have a bad back and am in medical school, so I do not carry physical copies of books anymore for my back health. This would be great if you could sell the book for Apple devices. Thank you!!

  • Alicia Gogue

    an-nyeong ha- sa-yo
    my name is Alicia Gogue and I love to be your friend. One day we meet.

  • Alicia Gogue

    안녕하세요, 여러분, 언젠가 우리는 만나서 함께 외식할 수 있을 거예요. 나는 약간의 게임을 하는 것을 좋아하고 나를 더 잘 알기를 원한다. 나는 너의 친구가 되는 것을 좋아한다. 너도 나의 친구가 될 것이다.

    • Alicia Gogue

      thank you Naver translator

  • Terry

    I want to purchase Level 1-5 (Textbook + Workbook) & Hangeul Master. Price is $120, but shipping is an extra $70. That’s more than half the price of the total book price. I really want these books, but this makes me sad. We should have a “buy more than 4-5 books in total = free shipping” or something. I live in the US! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

    • Vicky Palaisy

      I’m pretty sure that those books are on and available for free shipping with Prime 🙂 I live in Canada and buying the books there was much cheaper and faster than buying them through the official store because of the shipping costs. Good luck!

  • 虎 魏 유혜성

    Hello, I really enjoy purchasing books and e-books online! I was wondering if the “Super Intense Review Kit” book line will continue. I find them incredibly helpful!!! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Laura B

    I bought the TTMIK level 1 books and I have really been enjoying them thus far and I recommend them, but to me the only negative thing is that the romanization is underneath all the words, that way you learn hangul less quick and you automatically read the romanization before the hangul. Apart from that, the TTMIK books are certianly recomended by me ^-^

  • scott

    I have been looking for a translation app. That translate from English to Korean and also gives me the English spelling for the Korean word. Do you know of any good apps.

    • Karl Shreeves

      I’ve been using Korean Dict Box in the iPad. It’s free (with upgrade to remove ads) and works well, though it requires connectivity. It links to Translate Box, which will look up phrases and translate to and from English with four softwares (including Google) for comparison. KDB lets you type directly into the main field in either English or 한글 and then looks up against a dictionary as well as web searches. It also suggests similar words if you’re not quite there. It also pronounces words for you. I find it quite useful.

  • mick d

    i am listening to the slow korean lessons. they are explaining this word that means “to make sure of, always, without fail.” it sounds like he is saying coke! does anyone know this word and how it is romanized?

  • KA Fink

    Did I say this correctly??

    I’m using this: 저는 이거 활용해요.

  • Leslie Hernandez

    Hello, I’ve been trying to purchase the level one books and it says that it doesn’t ship in California. What can I do? I’ve tried to look for this book On Amazon, Barnes and nobles but the prices are too high.

  • Late bloomer

    Hi. Do you accept debit cards? Thank you!

    • Camille

      I know this reply is late, but I recently ordered from their store using my debit card. Just make sure that it has a Mastercard or Visa logo. Hope this helps 🙂

  • mochii

    I’m going to Seoul and Busan in April. I’m currently learning Korean through the free PDF/MP3 lessons. What lesson do you think I should be on by the time I go to Korea? Should I be done with all the PDF lessons? Or should I buy the books because those might not be enough for me to learn?
    Thank you!~

  • Hajar

    I’m doing a presentation about Korean language specifically in morphology and syntax, I anyone could help me I would be grateful
    Thank you