ttmik level 1

TalkToMeInKorean Level lessons

You can still download all these lessons for free from, but if you would like to have all your files in one place and be able to easily burn them on a CD or DVD, you will find this bulk download useful.


survival Korean

Survival Korean

We picked most essential Korean phrases you need to know while traveling or living in Korea, and divided them into 20 different situations, which comes with detailed explanations about the phrase itself AND fun and useful information about the situation where the phrases are used in.


K-word showdown

K-Word Showdown

K-Word Showdown is an audio program designed to help you understand some interesting and important differences between similar or related Korean words or expressions.


korean numbers

Korean Numbers (e-book)

In any language and culture, numbers are an essential part of everyday life, but when you are learning a new language, learning numbers can be a bit of a challenge because the names of the numbers and related terms may be drastically different. With this e-book, you will master the Korean number systems and the related words and phrases.


idiomatic expressions

Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions

This e-book is designed to help you make sense of some of the idiomatic expressions often used by Koreans and give you the know-how to be able to use the expressions yourself in your conversations in Korean.


verbs guide

The Korean Verbs Guide

100 Korean Verbs and Conjugation Rules You Need to Know

This book is designed to help you understand how 100 of the most commonly used Korean verbs are conjugated and used. If you are just starting to learn Korean, going through all the verbs in the book one after another can be a good idea, but if you already know some Korean and want to enhance your grammar skills related to specific verbs, feel free to just look up those words and practice using them.


my weekly korean vocabulary

My Weekly Korean Vocabulary

My Weekly Korean Vocabulary is a series designed to help you learn new Korean words and expand your Korean vocabulary.



Iyagi (Translation + Quiz Package)

In 이야기, we have two people talking about a topic in 100% Korean, while using easier vocabulary and talking at a slower pace than usual. This translation package contains the full transcript in Korean, followed by full translation of the text, a vocabulary review quiz, a comprehension quiz, and a vocabulary and grammar point list.


이야기 세트

Iyagi – Natural Talks in Korean (Bulk Package)

If you’ve been listening to TTMIK’s 이야기 lessons to help you study Korean, but don’t quite understand what things are being said, or just wish you had an English translation, have no fear! Translations are here!


경은 오디오북

경은 오디오북-2

Kyeong-eun’s Audiobook

This audiobook was written and recorded by Kyeong-eun Choi. Kyeong-eun is one of the teachers and podcast hosts at She was born and raised here in Seoul, Korea, and she shares five of her interesting experiences with the listeners through this audiobook.


현우 오디오북

Hyunwoo’s Audiobook

Hyunwoo is one of the teachers and podcast hosts at Hyunwoo was born and raised in Gwangju, a city in the southern part of Korea and moved to Seoul on entering college. In his first audiobook, he talks about the differences between his hometown and the city he is currently living in, as well as four other topics.


안효진 오디오북

Hyojin’s Audiobook

Hyojin An: the quirky and adorable football (soccer)-enthusiast. This young lady, who also happens to be a teacher over at, shares 5 stories about herself and her life with you in her audiobook. With this great study aid, you get an MP3 of Hyojin reading her stories, a sentence-by-sentence breakdown, grammar points, and a full Korean transcript of the audio. You also get the added bonus of learning more about Hyojin An!


영일 오디오북

Young-il Ahn’s Audiobook

Young-il is a young entrepreneur who decided to quit his job at one of the biggest companies in the world, in order to pursue his own dreams and passion. He shares stories about his failures, his experiences with people and his new projects.


오디오 블로그

TTMIK Audio Blog

You can listen to the audio blog and learn new expressions, study some new grammar points, check your listening and comprehension skills




Learn new expressions and practice listening with natural talks in Korean!


100 top phrased in korean movie

100 Top Phrases in Korean Movies

The TalkToMeInKorean Team went through 10 of the most popular Korean movies that were released in 2009 and selected 100 expressions that are worth practicing with.


gyeongsang province dialect lesson

Gyeong-sang Province Dialect Lessons (Korean)

People in different regions of Korea speak different 사투리(sa-tu-ri: dialects). 

Some dialects are easier to understand than others, and some are not so similar to the standard Korean language, 표준어(pyo-ju-neo). In this 경상도 사투리 (Gyeong-sang Province Dialect) lesson, you can learn the basics of the dialect that is spoken in the 경상 Province area, which includes many well-known cities like 부산(Busan), 대구(Daegu), 포항(Pohang), etc.


korean drama phrases

Korean Drama Phrases E-book + Audiobook

Do you enjoy studying Korean with Korean dramas? We made 10 episodes for the “Korean Drama Phrases” lesson on our site, and we finally have the e-book and audiobook ready! The lesson package contains 20 common Korean drama phrases, vocabulary list, sample sentences and audio lessons that explain everything in detail 🙂


slang expressions

Slang Expressions in Korean – Volume 1

More than likely, the words you were trying to find were slang expressions, and, unfortunately, no dictionary can help you understand them. However, the staff and teachers of TTMIK have come to your rescue with this product!


review kit

Super Intense Review Kit

Super Intense Review Kit is designed to help you review what you learned in a more intense way than the workbooks, and is packed with questions that will help you reinforce what you already know how to say, in addition to check your Korean knowledge.

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