Grammar & Vocabulary Lessons


Learning to say a few phrases is fairly easy, but in order to keep improving and be able to really speak the language, understanding the Korean grammar is essential. At TalkToMeInKorean, you can study with hundreds of systemically designed grammar lessons that help you learn through bite-sized lessons.

To start studying with the grammar lessons, you can go to the  very first lesson (Level 1 Lesson 1) and start listening, or go to the curriculum page to choose which lesson you want to study with.

Learning the most basic vocabulary in Korean will happen naturally through studying with grammar lessons (which have a lot of sample sentences in them), but if you’d like to improve your vocabulary even more, you can use our vocabulary-specific lessons. We have some series available on the site such as Korean Vocabulary with Pictures, Korean Vocabulary Plus, and Korean Vocab Power Up.


  • hiba

    I can’t even express how much I love this web site I really do my wish is to learn Korea even my family isn’t that supportive but I love Korean and I won let go of it until I learn it