What is 훈남?

훈남 [hun-nam] refers to a man who is handsome and kind. The term for a lady who is beautiful and has a nice personality is 훈녀 [hun-nyeo]. Both of the terms, 훈남 and 훈녀, derive from the word 훈훈하다 [hun-hun-ha-da], which means “to be warm” or “to be heartwarming,” meaning that your heart will be warmed just by looking at this beautiful man or woman. You can also say “미남 [mi-nam]” and “미녀 [mi-nyeo]” for handsome men and beautiful women, but 훈남 and 훈녀 have a nuance that they are also “nice people” in addition to being attractive.

Is there someone that you consider to be 훈남 or 훈녀 that comes to your mind right now?

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  • uthe

    네.. 있읍니다 정윤호 씨 ^^

  • Robin

    (name)아/야, 아주 훈녀. Makes it a viable sentence ?

    What’s about 정말 훈녀. ?

  • Lydia Vanessa Serrano

    Lee Seung Gi !