Hyojin An

Hi everyone. My name is Hyojin An. I’m glad that I can help people who are enthusiastic to learn Korean. I, myself, am interested in learning foreign languages. I can speak English and Japanese, and I’m planning to learn some more. I believe learning language is more than just knowing how to say “I’m hungry.” or “Give me some food.” It is about understanding and being understood better in the culture that the specific language is spoken in. That is why I would love to think that I’m helping you not just pick up some vocabulary but also get closer to the Korean culture. And I hope for the whole process to be fun. I understand that learning language is a demanding job. It takes a lot of effort. I hope we can make it fun and keep you motivated. Have fun learning Korean with us!




  • annyeonghasseo…

    hyojin do you have any facebook account or twitter..?? so that we can chat or tweet together:) pls??

  • 양윤희

    안녕하세요! I am a Korean living in the States, and I am trying to get to know the Korean language better. Well, the Korean slang. I want to know what some of them mean. For instance, one of my friends is bilingual and when she wrote on her Kakaostory, she uploaded a picture, then had a caption that said: 빠마. I was pretty confused and didn’t really know what it meant. I hope you can help me! 부탁드려요~

    • 빠마 is “perm” in English. That is the Japanese pronunciation and it was imported a long time ago.

  • dear teacher i am a non korean guy and i eagerly want to learn korean but i couldn’t find the basic videos like about the vowels and consonants and their usage and i feel really disappointed when i surf in and can not find the videos that i need.So please help me by sending the links to all those basic videos…….

  • s_1993

    Thank u and thaaanx all teachers
    Really u made me love Korean people more & more . .

    It’s great that you love learning languages ..
    Me 2 .. my native language is Arabic and I’m student of English department in my university :$
    Also I’m beginner in Korean and French :$ (:
    After that I’m planning to learn Japanese

    So I have an idea
    We love learning languages so can u teach me more in Korean and practice the language with you and let me teach u Arabic :$
    If you like my idea rell me pl and I’m ready to communicate with u :$

    Really I wanna to be ur friend and I hope to meet you in seoul soon Enshallah :$ (:

  • JUN



    2013년 9월 19일, 추석 잘 보내세요.

    즐거운 하루 되세요. 🙂 🙂

  • chu

    Hi Hyojin,
    I have a question on Level 8 Lesson 18. About -(으/느)ㄴ 대로.

    도착하는 대로 전화해 주세요 = Call me as soon as you arrive.
    If after Verb stem + -(느)ㄴ 대로 it can also mean “as soon as”, then ..
    보는 대로 말해 주세요 = Tell me as the way you see it.
    Can it also mean this?? >> Tell me as soon as you see it.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,

  • Hyongsan Park

    Hi Hyojin. I am from Cambodia. I am interested in learning Korean language. And I found out that talktomeinkorean.com is a good and easy website for me to learn Korean language by myself. May I have your email address? So that when I have any trouble in Korean language, I will ask you via your email. Thank you very much. Have a nice day! Hyongsan

  • Josiah Ensing

    안녕하세요! TTMIK를 너무 좋아해요. 저는 뉴질랜드에 살고 있어요. 하지만 2 년 동안 한국에서 살았어요. 그때는 한국말하길 좀 알게 됐어요. 일부 개정을 할 수 있도록 좋아요.

    However, I have something that I want to tell you about the language some use on TTMIK. Some of the English exclamations used are offensive to me and most likely others. I don’t know how many christian listeners/viewers you have, but some will find it offensive when you use the name of our God as a flippant exclamatory expression. The reason we find it offensive is because we do not think it shows respect for our God. We believe that people should show reverence and respect for God, if not out of belief, at least out of consideration for believers. I am not asking to to start worshiping God. Just that you try and be p.c. about how you refer to Him.

    I realise that you probably have learned this expression from many native English speakers. I would guess that most non-Christians (and some Christians) would not only find this expression “not offensive” but may not be aware of the offense that it causes to others.

    Not to bag on the show, or be overly critical. I just thought you might like to know.

    Thanks for all the good you do.

    Josiah Ensing

    • Anthony Manley

      I would defend those who manage TTMIK as a whole and insist they are aware of the possible implications of using those words, especially to the eyes and ears of those practicing a faith that itself insists the usage by its members or anyone else is tantamount to a great offense. You should consider the creators of this site and their continual outpouring of quality content in greater mutuality: do not assume they are beholden to your god because you are. They never agreed in your terms to a respect to any god, and on the contrary have done a fine job like most modern institutions at keeping their content controversy-free. And, so, consider your own prohibition and explicit censoring of their content as an answer to your entire remark. I am aware the expression may find a place in your pool of annoyances. Consider whether or not your quaint harangue exists in theirs as well.

    • Cia Amick

      If you take offense at a the use of the word god that is your problem. You have decided that their use of god is aimed at your particular god when in fact it’s just a general term. Considering how many gods are out there someone somewhere will always be offended and one can not live their live worrying about that particular individual. If I had a god she’d be a girl.

  • Liesl

    Hi Hyo Jin!
    I’m chilean and fan of this incredible website, which I recommend to almost every friend that loves Korea. Unfortunately, this year I couldn’t improve much in my studies of korean because was taking the national test to enter to university.
    In a near future I’d like to go to Korea as a exchange student and I have question to ask you. In some universities in Korea they require me to have approved TOPIK LEVEL 3… Which level do you recommend me to have studied at this website as minimum to prepare myself for the exam?

    Thank you very much,

  • mahdieh


    its mean Hi

    im from golpayegan-esfahan-iran,

    my name is MAHDIEH, girl ,13 years old and speak persian and can speak english as my second languge ,too.

    i would like speak korean and i tried , i need speak to some one korean native , to learn perfect your languge, beacause here in my state nobody speak korean and i cant ask my questions, pleas help me to learn your good languge, and i would be glad to learn you persian language if you intersted too.

    please inform me and add my email if no restriction for you

    im sure we can be close friend in near future.

    keep in touch



  • khouloud

    I’m khouloud from tunisia.I speak arabic ,frensh,english and i learn korean .Thank you because you are so helpful 감사함니다

    • Hello,im a Chinese.You are so unbelieve that you can speak so much langurage.

  • Guest

    hi i’m hanan i speak Arabic, English, and i am learning Korean i am very thankful to you guys for making this website you guys helped me so much with this website thnx again:) 감사합니다

  • hi i’m nermine from tunisia nice to meet you

  • LuluBear Kiyomi

    annyeong haseyo unnie i want to learn korean language and im from philippines nice to meet you unnie Hyojin An

  • tom.berdl

    Hi Hyojin! I have a question! Maybe you can make a video about that. What does ㄴ/는 or ㄹ/를 걸 mean? Thank you for your help 🙂

  • andrew

    hi, how are you

  • PjAbogado

    Oh, I miss Hyojin…

  • Larry Betacura

    Hello is this correct if I say, Anieyo, daedanhee Jessaeya gamsahamnida..
    What I mean in english is Its fine, thank you so much too Jessa.. hoping for your immediate help thanks alot