Hyunwoo Sun

I love learning and helping other people learn, whether it is with a language or something different. I also love doing handstands and flips!


  • Jinggle

    Your English is also very good! You use words that I rarely heard from normal conversations. Keep it up!

  • Sharon Susan Koshy

    Hi Im sharon from India.. my mother tongue is Malayalam. other than that i can speak Hindi, Tamil, English. IM learning Korean and French now

    • Arlene2002

      wow…im malayali too…i thought im the only one who is a malayali and has a die-hard passion for learning korean and loving kpop, kdramas and loving hallyu star lee min ho forever!!!!!(>0<)

  • Chris

    Hey^^Hyunwoo Sun you are really awesome!I think that you are a great teacher and thanks for your great work you have done.Really i admire you.Of course all of what i say are in force for all the teachers of TTMIK~

  • minpyo

    Hi Hyunwoo Sun seonseinim hope you are doing fine best teacher ever ^^, i really want to thank all of you, members of TTMIK, you are of great help for me. thank you so much for your hard work . keep up the good work you are doing very well ^^

  • lykajaneracab

    i want to learn koraean language( kunsahamneda)

  • kuciii pu

    Hi Mr. Hyunwoo Sun
    u hv a wonderful voice
    and thnk u sooooo much for teaching me korean….^-^ 😀

  • korean language lover

    Hi 선현우 선생님, Please advise 여명 씨 that the questionnaire is publishing email addresses of the respondents to anyone who visits the forum. This is not a safe or acceptable practice. Please have him/her correct this as soon as possible! Thank you!

  • Mei

    Hello , I’m from China. and I love your voice and your lesson and will continnue to listen to TTMIK.
    thank you to make Korean not that hard to learn.

  • 호스너

    안영하세요! 저는 호스너 라고 합니다. 선현우 선생님 너무 열심히 일하고 진짜 머리가 좋아요, 선생님을 좋아하고 제일 좋은 것을 바랍니다. 제가 지난 3달에 레벨3부터 레벨9까지 free audio를 들었어요. 이 lessons 아주 많이 도왔어요,그래서 너무 i o u . 대신에 아무나 했으면좋겠어요. 정말 감사합니다.

  • Joebert James Panilaga

    im a very newbie in learning korean
    in fact im still in level 1 lesson 16
    i would like to ask who is KELEN(corrrect me if im wrong)
    and im trying my best to learn
    and i need your guide

  • Michaela Ross

    I am fairly new too, been about a month. Have moved on to level 2, but need to review from time to time. I love listening to you, Sun Hyunwoo , and Choi Kyeong-eun. I really love you guys and hope you continue working together,

  • Jacob McFarland

    Hello! i have lived in korea for almost 2 years as a missionary and have loved it. If it wasnt for this website i wouldnt be able to speak korean at all! thank you so much for helping me in learning this language so that i be a missionary!
    I leave next month but would love to meet you before i go! I went to your cafe hoping i could run into some of the teachers but none of you were there. How can we meet up? I live in 신당동 but go to 홍대 often. Please let me know if we can meet!

  • Ralf

    First thank you very much for your passion in teaching us this difficult Korean language. It is really great to have found such a good online school in the Internet. It is really both a big help and fun.
    I haven’t been on your homepage for a while.- but now I am desparately missing audio files SAMPLE DIALOG and KEY EXPRESSIONS which you offered in the past. It was a big help help to better understand conversations.
    Are they still available for download?

  • Shanmuga Priya

    its was great to know this website and learn this language even though i search for different websites to learn korean and why i wanted to learn korean because i know hindi,english,tamil( only to talk not to read and write),german and so i want to know many new language and i wanted learn this language is because i started to watch korean drama and it has been 6 years and i can understand little of korean language and i can watch korean dramas without sub ,but now i want to read and write korean language thats why and so i would happy if you teach me korean to read and write

  • Nicholas

    Hi hyunwoo,
    I’m from San Diego and have been listening to the mobile podcasts for a few months now but I just wanted to comment on how much help you’ve been for me. They don’t offer classes for Korean at most of the colleges around here too so I’ve definitely relied on you and Kyeong-eun. Anyways I appreciate the help you’ve been giving me, and so does my girlfriend, who’s Korean. Just finished with level one and now I’m off to the second one. By the way, you and Kyeong-eun are soooo funny.

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks for your comment!! Great to hear that you find our website useful! ^___^ Please continue learning!

  • Carolina


    When I started learning Korean I found it too difficult so I thought on giving up learning the language but then a friend told me about TTMIK and thanks to your marvelous and funny lessons I’m still learning it. You are great teachers =) I like your humour btw 😛

    I read you learned Spanish. It would be awesome if you could do some PDFs explaining maybe the basic in Spanish. I’m from Chile and I know lot of people want to learn Korean but they can’t find some good websites in Spanish to learn it and as they don’t know English they can’t study with you 🙁

    Muchas gracias por tu ayuda! Saludos ^^

  • James

    안녕하세요! 선현우 선생님! 질문이 있어요! 제가 레벨3에 있는 ‘위해/위해서’라는 문법 사항을 점검했고 선생님 ‘this is mainly for written language’이라고 해서 구어로 ‘for’이라는 표현 어려워요..This expression has always bothered me in korean and I have never really known how to say in naturally so i usually just dont say it at all haha could you help me with this? Thankyou!

  • Mey Linda

    안녕하세요! 메이입니다… 전 한국어를 맨날 공부하는데 기억해야 하는 것이 너무 많아서 가끔 헷갈려요.. 선생님, 어떻게 해야 돼요?

  • Lina Kitouni

    안녕하세요 리나입니다 ^^ hii hyunwoo

    i’ve been listening to your korean lessons for about three years but actually i wasn’t so serious about learing umm till this month i can also speak frensh english and arabic and i also love learning langs but because i dun have much time i couldn’t even learn korean … i’m just writing to tell how helpful this site is and i wish u’ll keep up the good work “ur team alsoo ^^”

  • Kristen Oliphant

    Wow. You guys have made learning how to conjugate verbs so easy! I have been buying books but there were so many rules about adding things and dropping things. I’m only in level one and you had only three simple rules for present and past tense. I am just so amazed at how you guys made this so easy and FUN!!!!! 감사합니다!!!

  • Livia

    Hola, Hyunwoo. Vivo en Puerto Rico y comenze hace dos meses las lecciones ya que planiico visitar Corea en 2017. De todos los sitios en internet que encontre ” Talk to me in Korean” es el mejor y mas completo. Trabajo arduamente para aprender el idioma. Gracias por las lecciones y su buen humor en ellas. Recibi mi libro de practica hace dos dias y fielmente, practico en el. (se que hablas español, asi que practica con mi mensaje jijijiji)

  • Isabel

    hi! hyunwoo, i just want to say….or type, that you guys have helped me so much on my quest in learning Korean even though im just in level 2 and i really dont know what i would have done if i didnt find this website and this is the only place i have the chance to learn korean beacause im all the way from Nigeria in Africa and i really dont have the opportunity to learn korean in Nigeria and i made a promise to myself that when i turn 18 i would have saved up enough money to come to korea so ive got 6 more years anyway……..it has really been a dream to come to korea and meet you guys and talk to people in korean!!!

  • Lexi Jimenez

    안녕허서요 선현우,
    I’m really confused on the Level 1 Lesson 9, where you talk about the subject marking particles. I don’t understand how and/or when to use them. I’d really appreciate if you could enlighten me.

  • Isra Shams

    I want to say, i like to your way in teach, I’M Just finished level one. but i have problem in lesson 9 in this level

  • Maya Rijkelijkhuizen

    안녕허서요 선현우! I just want to say thank you! This site is a great way to learn Korean, I just started 5 days ago and have already learned so much! 감사왑니다!

  • Kelly Gothra

    I am so sad, due to work and school, I missed the end of the summer sale and chance to get the “Hangul Writing Pactice Book,” would there be anyway that I could get that book if I pay for it or order a book at regular price? How may I get this notebook? Please help? Thank you so much.
    Kelly Gothra

  • anj

    안녕하세요 현우! 웹사이트를 좋아요 🙂 let me know if this makes sense. 감사합니다

  • dustin

    ㅈ디ㅣ ㅑ 애ㅜㅅ ㅕㅇㄷㄱㄴㅅ뭉 존ㅅ ㅛㅐㅕ ㄴ묘 내ㅡㄷ 샤ㅡㄷㄴ 댜솓ㄱ 내 낵교 what does that mean

  • Mari Rice

    I’m level 2 learner and I’m from Ukraine! Working in Korea is my dream, and since I’ve found this website learning Korean language became real and easy for me!