Kyeong-eun Choi

I am happy to meet you all. Learning Korean will become easier if you learn with us! Don’t worry and keep learning with us!


  • Khatin Riyanti

    Annyeonghaseyo.. Kyeong eun eonni.. my name is Khatin Riyanti.. I’m from Indonesia.. Thank you very much for teach me korean language.. I still in level 1. I like your voice.. ^^. Glad to see you..

  • Aqua Aqua

    안녕하 세요

  • inerth

    im with you

  • GigiGo


  • Maya Rijkelijkhuizen

    This site is amazing! I’ve learned so much thanks to you and Hyunwoo! 감사왑니다!

  • PjAbogado

    Annyeonghaseyo! Kyeong-un eonna, I would like to ask: I am listening to your podcast in your Pocket Korean app for Windows Phone, and I am just beginning my lessons. I came across this Level 1 topic about Numbers in Korean. I would like to ask, what is One Million in Korean? Kamsahamnida! ^_^

    • Murphy Alvin

      백만 = 1 million

      In Korean after 10,000 numbers get tricky, since you are dealing with multiples of 10,000 (we’re not used to this in English).

      In English we say 1000 1000 = 1 million
      In Korean 100 10000 = 1 million – Hence why 백 + 만 are combined (because they mean 100 and 10,000 respectively)

      Hopefully this helps 🙂