One-Minute Korean: “Get Over It.”

Learn how to say "Get over it." in Korean through this 1-minute lesson!

Teacher Seokjin will teach you how to say “Get over it.” in Korean today.

The phrases introduced in this video as ways to say “Get over it.” are as follows:

(반말/casual language)
이제 그만 좀 잊어 버려.
이제 그만 좀 해.

(존댓말/formal language)
이제 그만 잊어 버리세요.
이제 그만 좀 하세요.

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One-Minute Korean: “Get Over It.”
  • Boraas

    hey guys. first of all thanks for the great video!
    But isnt there a small mistake with the 한글 sentence.
    In the video its spoken: 이제 그만 촘 잊어 버리세요
    but the 한글 states: 이제 그만 잊어 버리세요.

    thanks for the great new video. im a fan of many years allready.

    take care!

    • Thanks a lot!! I guess “좀” was missing in the transcript!

    • Boraas

      Sure thing!
      Please keep up the good work for a long long time!

  • Thomas Osekowsky

    I thought the correct form of 잊어버리다 was like this with no space… but it’s written in the video with a space in the middle. Does that mean its ok to write it either with or without the space? Is the meaning affected at all if there’s a space or not?

    Thank you!