TTMIK Textbook Giveaway Winners (Thank you for 6000+ comments!)

Thank you everyone for participating in our first big giveaway of 2017! Here are the 3 winners.

Where do we start? First of all, wow! We knew that a textbook giveaway would be welcomed by our listeners/viewers/students, but we had no idea that we would get more than 6,000 comments! Thank you so much everyone for the amazing response and all the lovely messages that you wrote to us. This giveaway was just as exciting to us as it was to you guys.

많은 분들이 참여하실 거라고 예상은 했지만 댓글이 6,000개가 넘게 달릴 줄은 전혀 예상 못했어요. 여러분 정말 감사합니다! 여러분에게도 신나고 기대되는 경험이었겠지만, 저희에게도 정말 큰 힘이 되는 경험이었답니다. 앞으로도 이런 기회를 많이 만들게요.

It might be hard to believe, but we actually read all the comments ourselves. We were very touched by all of your comment, and at the same time, we were very sad that this giveaway was only going to be for 3 winners. We will definitely keep working harder so that we can host another awesome giveaway soooooon! We promise!

We are a small team of content creators and teachers that really want to help people learn Korean, so this was a great reminder for us of the fact that many people around the world are indeed studying with what we make.

So… it’s time to announce the winners!

Here are the three winners that will receive the full set of 21 TTMIK textbooks!!!

  • Gwendel Rodriguez (on YouTube)
  • junify_x (on YouTube)
  • Ian Melvin Tagra (on the TTMIK site)

(We will get in touch with the winners individually.)


Congratulations!! 정말 축하합니다.

We are very happy for the winners, and for everybody else who didn’t win this time, please don’t be discouraged, as we will do this again, and we will do our best to offer as many discounts as possible in the future so that we can help more people learn Korean effectively.

We have a ton of great content and books coming to you this year, so please stay tuned! 앞으로 좋은 레슨과 책들 많이 많이 만들 예정이니 기대해 주세요! 정말 감사합니다.

Thank you!

– The TTMIK Team


TTMIK Textbook Giveaway Winners (Thank you for 6000+ comments!)
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  • Lydia

    Congratulations to the winners

  • Bre

    Congratz to the winners

  • 야신

    Awesome :p and congratulations to the winners.

  • Wow! I wasn’t really expecting this but, thank you so much, TTMIK Team! I will be able to continue helping others with the help of those books! Thank you so so much! More power to the whole team!

  • Aja Hadnot

    Congratulations to the winners.

  • Hana Aiko


  • Oh man, I’m more disappointed than if I were checking for a lottery. But this is more meaningful and educational hahaha. Thanks for making the content on the website free for everybody. I really love and respect you guys for this! I guess I should just go work for the books T.T haha KEEP THIS AMAZING WEBSITE RUNNING EVERYBODY! Fighting!

  • Andi B

    Congratulations to the winners!

  • Isabel Moore

    I am glad that you received such great response – to encourage you to continue with the awesome work that you do – quality resources you produce and make readily available to us. 감사합니다! —- 축하해 to the winners! 화이팅 to TTMIK! 다시! 다시! Thank you ~

  • Gwendel Rodriguez

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been chosen as one of the Three. “Thank you” simply isn’t enough. May blessings surround you, TTMIK, as you continue to guide us toward our language goals. Much L♥ve!

    • Isabel Moore

      Such a nice response from a winner – makes me feel better it was you (and not me!)! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jiana Mae

      Congratulations to the winners! I hope it would be me next time. Lol.!

  • Tamta Ekhvaia

    I was so dissapointed I really cried I swear kk. Congratulations to the winners of course.good luck with you guys. ^^

  • Akailah

    Congratulations winners!!! I hope that you have a very easy time learning Korean!!!!

  • 김 복 주

    우와!! 촉하해요~~