Photo Vocabulary – 폰 케이스

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Learn new Korean vocabulary words from everyday photos taken in Korea! Here, we are looking at a photo of phone cases. You can listen to the free audio lesson below using the audio player embedded in this post, download the free mp3 file here, download the free PDF here, or view the PDF online right here.

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[Ask Hyojin] How much Konglish do you understand? As we explained in this photo vocabulary lesson, a Konglish word for ‘cell phone’ is ‘핸드폰’. Learn more Konglish words with this video lesson! [Ask Hyojin] How much Konglish do you understand?


Photo Vocabulary – 폰 케이스
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  • Natalia Miranda

    Phone case . ^___^

  • Natic Aliev

    way too easy.

    Phone Case

  • Manuth Chek

    I doubt they have any for my Lumia 920.

  • Tiga Kuntum

    almost similar to english pronunciation with a little bit of tongue twist.;-)

  • Nicole

    Similar to English. The “f” sound is just changed to a “p” sound. It’s really easy to remember. (>•<)

  • peony

    awww!!!cute phone cases i like the pink phone case with a larva illustration ^_^