College Entrance Exam (입시) – Korean Culture Keywords

One of the most stressful points in the life of a Korean person is when they have to take the college entrance exam (수능). Teachers 현우 and 경화 talk about how this works as well as about other characteristics of the Korean education system.


This is the second installment in this series. If you have any topic requests, please let us know by leaving a comment! We hope you can gain some general insight into life in Korea through this new series, which will be updated weekly.

(You can listen to all the episodes of Korean Culture Keywords by clicking here.)

How is the education system in your country compared to that of South Korea? Let us know in the comments!

College Entrance Exam (입시) – Korean Culture Keywords
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  • Monti Carlo

    Would it be possible to show the keywords in 한글 as well? I think, that would be more effective than just listening to them.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      That’s a great idea! We will take the suggestion into consideration. =)