Must-Know Words In Korean – Color Names (색깔)

 Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?  

Maybe not, but after watching this video, you’ll be able to name them in Korean! With a voice like butter, Jooyeon will teach you some of the most basic color names in Korean, so sit back and relax while you study!

무슨 색이 제일 좋아요? What color do you like best?

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Must-Know Words In Korean – Color Names (색깔)
  • abrez

    I’m curious, I’ve heard a lot of Koreans using the english word “Pink” ( pronounced the korean way of course) very often, instead of 분홍색 or 담홍색. Is it just a trendy thing or is it used in specific situations? Or… am I just hearing wrong?

    • JooyeonPark

      Korean people use both 분홍색 and 핑크색 very often, but rarely use 담홍색 in real life. 🙂