Crossword Puzzle [Beginner Level]

Many people have told us that they enjoyed the crossword puzzles included in the Monthly K-Pop Words: January 2015 edition, so we’ve decided to make some more for everybody who is studying Korean on our website! We are not sure how regularly we will be making these yet, but it will depend on how much you guys enjoy these crossword puzzles. Try solving this puzzle and please let us know if you would like us to make more of these!


If you want to print out the puzzle and solve it on paper, you can DOWNLOAD it here.

1. washing machine
3. to be different
4. to study
7. busy person
9. these days
10. student
11. notebook
13. to imagine
2. to wait
4. dinosaur
5. sky
6. part-timer
8. “I love you.” in polite language
10. school
12. desk
14. but, however

Please post your answers below without checking the correct answers!

You can check the [correct answers here].


Crossword Puzzle [Beginner Level]
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  • Césahr

    I hope it’s right!!

    • 오! 정말 잘 하셨어요! 🙂

    • wiharta mandasari

      우와 대박

    • BeautyWithIn Myself

      Looks correct to me 🙂

  • Julia 벽산

    재미 있어요.
    “part-timer” is the most difficult to me.

  • Rey Nal Do

    나는 아이디어를 좋아해요…
    i hope it’s correct

  • Cloudy

    2. 기다리다
    3. 다르다
    4. 공부하다 (across)
    4. 공룡 (down)
    8. 사랑해요
    9. 요즘
    10. 학생 (across)
    10. 학교 (down)
    11. 공책
    13. 상상하다
    14. 하지만

  • Teng Hui Guan

    여섯:비상 근무자

    • amkmh

      여섯 : 알바생
      일곱 : 바쁜사람^^

  • Magdalena

    이게 진짜 재미있네요!! 저는 크로스워드 퍼즐이 너무 좋아요.

  • Whit R

    좋은 생각 선생님! 재미있어요.

  • peony

    That was awesome!! Learned 3 new words(11,6,1)and had fun solving it! 감사합니다!

  • PY

    1. 세탁기
    3. 다르다
    4. 공부하다
    7. 바쁜사람
    9. 요즘
    10. 학생
    11. 공책
    13. 상상하다Down
    2. 기다리다
    4. 공룡
    5. 하늘
    6. 알바생
    8. 사랑해요
    10. 학교
    12. 책상
    14. 하지만

  • koenshaku

    This is too cool on my surface pro 3 I can just write on the pdf =)

  • My answer. ^_^

  • FAY95

    can’t finished it /sobs/

  • Emma

    Thank you for making this TTMIK team. I really enjoyed it. God bless ^^

  • Nicole Persichini

    gam-sa-hap-ni-da. Jae-mi!

  • Guest


  • I only missed two! 재미 있어요! Please make more of these! 🙂

  • Beki

    Please, please make more of these! I thoroughly enjoyed these, even though I only knew half, I learnt (and remembered) so many more. Definitely one of the best ways of learning. I wait patiently for the next one 🙂

  • Freddie Orozco

    This was a lot of fun! I would love to do some more!

  • Anna Ward

    I have been looking for beginner level crosswords for ages, please keep making them ^___^