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There are many different genres even within K-Pop. What type of Korean music do you like to listen to? In this episode of TTMIK Culture Ramblings, Stephanie and Hyunwoo talk about what kind of songs they like to listen to and which bands Hyunwoo used to listen to when he was younger. This is not a Korean language lesson, so just sit back and relax, join us in the conversation through comments!

K-Pop – TTMIK Culture Ramblings
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  • Aisha

    I used to listen to very popular K-Pop groups like SNSD, Miss A, B.A.P, EXO, etc., but now I mostly listen to Korean R&B and Hip Hop. I still listen to mainstream groups, but now I mainly listen to Jay Park (who I saw last week in Toronto!!), Crush, Zion. T, Dynamic Duo, Primary, Beenzino, Giriboy, Loco, Gray and much more!!

    • Stephanie Morris

      Jay Park!!! Did you go to “Unite the Mic”? How was it?! 😀

  • 정기은

    This Culture Rambling makes me feel so sad for all the k-pop singers 🙁

    • Stephanie Morris

      Me, too 🙁

    • Nicole

      Me too.

  • C

    Hi! I’m also a K-pop fan myself and it’s really sad that there are some who overlook the human side of idols. I often see people leaving harsh comments online as if these things won’t get to the artists. I can’t imagine how tough it is for idols to be living such a busy life putting their best foot forward that, at the end of the day, they will still get bashed. I understand that they cannot please everybody but, sometimes, some comments are just so baseless. It’s absurd how some people say offensive things just for fun. I hope people will be more careful and responsible of their words because, sometimes, words cut deeper and heal slower than physical injuries.

    • Stephanie Morris

      Well said!

  • Larry

    How far back does you knowledge of Korean rock bands go? If I give you a name, could you dig up some info on them?

  • I am more of a classic rock fan, but there are some k-pop i do listen to (it is really hard not to!!). I would like to know more about the Korean rock (not pop rock) but real rock. Is there any harder rock new and old?…

    • Dev27

      Same; I’d be interested in finding groups like that as well.

    • I just saw Jungle the Black by Galaxy Express on YouTube… Very good!

    • Elizabeth Liberty L

      I know Daesung from Bigbang does a few songs that are harder than the typical Kpop stuff. Wings and Shut Up come to mind. Wild and Young by Kang Seungyoon is sort of the same thing, too. I’m not super-knowledgeable about genres, but I hope that helps. 🙂

  • Nicole

    I’m quite big K-Pop fan and I listen to a lot of popular groups. Like EXO, SNSD, Apink, VIXX, BTS, Infinite, etc. It makes me sad that some singers aren’t recognized enough or popular enough and they go through so much hate from washing fans who are just jealous and are obsessed with them.