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While I was at the gym, I had my iPod on “shuffle” and the B2ST song “Fiction” came up. I will admit that I was a little obsessed (okay, REALLY obsessed) with the song when it first came out a couple years ago, but I haven’t listened to it for a long time, and it was refreshing to hear it again. However, I was *really* struggling to suppress my fangirl urge to start the penguin dance! Old habits die hard, I guess 😀

Anywho, there’s one line in “Fiction” that I thought would be really great to explain, especially since it’s found in a ton of other K-Pop songs, such as T-ara’s “Lovely” and Big Bang’s “사랑 먼지” (“Love Dust”). Before writing this, I actually came to read a comment in the last blog post from Agata asking what this particular phrase means. (Thanks for the comment, Agata!) I hope this explanation answers your question!

Full Official Music Video:

In the song “Fiction”, 기광 (Gi-kwang) sings “아무렇지 않게 네게 키스 하고…” [“a-mu-reo-chi an-ke ne-ge ki-seu ha-go”]

Listen to it here: (at 1 minute 8 seconds)

This line comes from the Korean phrase “아무렇지도 않다,” which in the dictionary form means “to be unconcerned,” “to be indifferent,”  “to not be phased by,” “to be unaffected by,” “to be okay,” or “to be alright.”

  • 아무 [a-mu] = any (thing)

** Although 아무 [a-mu] basically means “any,” when it is used in a negative context, like it is here, it means “nothing.”

  • 그렇다 [geu-reo-da] = to be so
  • -도 [-do] = added in negative sentences to keep the negative voice
  • -지 않다 [-ji an-ta] = to be not

(Check out TTMIK Level 4, Lessons 11 and 15 for more information on this!)

Here’s are some sample sentences of this phrase in its most basic form:

1. 저는 아무렇지도 않아요.
[jeo-neun a-mu-reo-chi-do a-na-yo.]
= I’m okay (implying that the speaker is unaffected by the event or situation).

2. 그런 말을 듣고도 아무렇지 않아요?
[geu-reon ma-reul deut-go-do a-mu-reo-chi a-na-yo?]
=  You don’t get upset/feel anything even after you hear something like that?
** The -도 is often omitted in conversational Korean, but the sentence still carries the same connotation.

Got it? Great!

Now let’s look at the rest of the phrase:

  • Adjective + 게 [ge] = turns the adjective into an adverb
  • 네게 [ne-ge] = you, to you, at you (short for 너에게)
  • 키스 [ki-seu] = kiss (a very different kind of kiss than 뽀뽀)
  • 하다 [ha-da] = to do
  • -고 [-go] = (verb +) and

The descriptive verb is 아무렇지 않다, if we drop the 다 and add -게, we get “아무렇지 않게” which is an adverb that means “as if nothing has changed/happened,” “as if nothing is going on,” or “as if it’s natural.”

-고 is the conjuction that connects this line of the song to the rest of the lyrics. It seems as if the lyrical line ends with 하고, but it actually is part of the next line. This is common in K-Pop and can cause confusion if you’re decoding lyrics on your own. I know it did for me when I first started learning Korean!

What do you think this line is saying when you put all this information together? Can you make up your own sentences using “아무렇지도 않다”? Blow up the comment section with your responses!

Thanks for reading, and happy studying!

Written by: Stephanie Morris


Learn Korean Words with K-Pop – Fiction by B2ST
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  • mitch

    아무렇지 않게 네게 키스 하고

  • key

    아무렇지 않게 네게 키스 하고…
    “you kiss me like nothing’s wrong/different”

  • key

    아무렇지 않게 네게 키스 하고…
    “i kiss you as though nothing’s changed/wrong”

  • Deidrea

    I have a question about a line in EXO’s song, “Heart Attack.” What does 이 숨이 멎어도 좋을 만큼 넌 가까워 mean? I’m having trouble with this translation.

    • guest

      “Even if my breathe stops, you’re so close, that I like it”

  • Agata

    So you decided to explain that phrase before even seeing my request? Nice coincidence! 😀 Thank you for the explanation, it helps a lot! I knew about 아무렇지도 않다 but didn’t know that 게 changes and adjective into an adverb.

  • Louise

    Hi, thanks for the lesson and for all your hard work! TTMIK has helped me (and many others) so much. Please do a lesson on “Severely” by FT Island. 🙂

  • Starlin

    Any other song

  • candie

    Excellent lesson. Thank you! I am coming to Seoul in October. Perhaps, I will be able to visit TTMIK’s office. Annyeon!

    • Wow, it is awesome!! Please let us know before you come to our office. 🙂

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