Korean Pronunciation Guide / 안녕하세요 (Hello)

  • adfsaf

    I heard when you say 세, it’s like saying ㅓ and then ㅣ together really fast, right? And when you say 하, you have to sort-of stretch your mouth in a sort-of flat-line or smile, as opposed to shaping your mouth like an ‘o’ (because that’s typically how Americans pronounce the ‘ah’ sound.)

  • Nur Nazalia

    2nd one to comment !! hehehe 파이팅 !

  • Chad

    That was very good

  • 담일상


    쌤~영상 자료 부탁드립니다~ㅜ

  • its so wonderful

  • unique woooooooooooow

  • Karl

    The last syllable “요” sounds more like “유” to my little native English speaking ears. Am I just picking up a regional accent or something? Or is it a gender thing. I’ve noticed that women and men sound very different from one another when speaking Korean.

    • I guess the reason is that we have different hearing ears. I am sure the situation will get better if you listen Korean more and more.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • This is awesome!!!
    I really enjoy Learning your Language!
    For the reason I don’t know!hehe.lol

  • Arkan

    no matter how much I try, it doesn’t feel right even though my Korean friends and my Korean teacher say that I do it pretty well.
    maybe they are trying to be nice to me.

    • Steve Hoyt

      Don’t overthink it. The sound is the sound. If what you’re saying sounds close enough to you as what they say, it probably sounds close enough to them to understand it. Even if you are slightly off, they will still appreciate that you are speaking Korean. ^^

  • Steve Hoyt

    I first encountered Korean watching “Lost”. Then I re-encountered it with Gangnum Style followed by all of Kpop-dom. I absolutely LOVE Korean. It is such a beautiful language. To me, it’s right up there with Spanish (a romance language), it’s so pretty. And Korean women always sound so Happy, Vibrant, and full of life. – sigh –