[Korean Pronunciation Guide] 규현 / Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

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    This video made my day!^_^

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    Hello I am for iran .my favorite is langoueg kore

  • I never read the romanization, because all the rules are confusing.
    Not differentiate between K/G, T/D, P/B, Ch/J. ..
    For example, the artist 보람 from the girl-group 티아라 (T-ara) … has his name romanized as Boram with “B”, when the right would be Poram with “P”.
    I see that the rule “McCune-Reischauer” for romanization is the closest to the original language in Korean. >_<

    • Greg

      What I read is that for Koreans the difference between P and B is like for others the difference between ㅂ ㅃ and ㅍ – like none. Sometime difference is noticed but none cares.
      In case of Koreans, P and B are just for convenience of pronunciation, but it’s taught like that just for ease of understanding – why and when does it’s usually pronounced different, and remember that it’s written same, but it’s not like strict pronunciation rule I think.
      If you had to remember that 바빠요 is both papayo and bapayo it’s like learning the word twice. And it can be voiced (B), if the word before 바빠요 ends with vowel, like 이제 바빠요 – eejebap-payo. For you it may sound like new word when they speak, but for Koreans it’s just easier to pronounce like that.

      And overall names especially romanized a bit different than usual, I noticed.
      최경은 – choi kyungeun instead choe or chwe kyeongeun. Though yuh and yeo is same thing, but still. Also I wonder where does the “R” in case of 박(park) come from, and “W” in case 우(woo). Also you can see the surname 백 romanized baek as well.

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    I love TTMIK ♥

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