[Korean Pronunciation Guide] 설날 [seol-lal]

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Learn how to correctly pronounce 설날!
설날 can refer to both the New Year’s Day in the Gregorian Calendar and the New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar. The recent trend is, however, that 설날 refers more often to the lunar new year’s day rather than January 1st in the Gregorian Calendar. The first day in the year in the Gregorian Calendar is often called 새해 첫날 [sae-hae cheot-nal] or just 1월 1일 [i-reol i-ril]. 설날, the lunar new year’s day, is one of the top two most important Korean traditional holidays. The exact date of 설날 in the Gregorian Calendar can change depending on the lunar calendar of the particular year, but it’s usually in February. The day before 설날, the 설날 day itself and the following day are a 3-day official holiday period.

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[Korean Pronunciation Guide] 설날 [seol-lal]
  • Kay

    Thank you 😀 these are very useful with complicated twists in pronunciation with the Korean language 😀

  • Totem

    I’m not sure if my Korean student was joking when she said it is pronounced as “seon nal” but thanks for this! haha

  • 아틸라

    아아아… TTMIK에서 여자선생님이 예쁜 미소를 있어요!!!! 🙂

  • toma

    very helpful! thank you for this 🙂
    can you please tell me what is cris and jane in korean? thank you 🙂

  • Douglas Binns

    The first two times the instructor says it, it sounds like “seol-nal.” The next four times it sounds like “seol-lal.”
    I am as confused as I was before I watched the video.
    This is one of the hardest Korean terms to pronounce. I often don’t want to say it because I know my 상대방 won’t get it, so I say something else like “2월에 휴일.”

    • Greg

      If you speak each syllable separately, you read it literally. If you speak it fast together, it changes somewhat naturally.

      There’s many cases when two consonants put together overwrite each other. In some combinations it’s optional, like ㄴ+ㅁ can be read as doubleㅁㅁ like 선명하다 can be optionally 섬명하다. The pronunciation of latter a bit smoother. And some combinations are usual, like in 설날. Hard I know. Nasal sounds and ㄹ are tricky, but logical.

  • <3 this really help me to learn how to speak in korean language….


  • Marc

    Thank a million for nót playing the background music while you pronounce the Korean! Otherwise I just cannot hear it well enough, and I get irritated. Yeah I know it’s strange maybe, but I am both a little deaf, and I cannot really do two things at the same time. (Study and listen to music.) So, if you explain something and there is a background music. Well, then it is just useless to me.