How Do You Say This in Korean? (22 March 2013)

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Welcome to the 6th episode of “How Do You Say This in Korean?”! This is a weekly segment, published every Friday, where teacher 경화 (Kyung-hwa) will be joined by a co-host of her choice each week to answer some listener questions. The questions we will be answering in this series are mainly about how to say certain things in Korean.

How do you say “What is your name?” in Korean?
= 이름이 뭐예요? / 이름이 뭐야?
[i-reu-mi mwo-ye-yo?] [i-reu-mi mwo-ya?]

How do you say “How was your weekend?” in Korean?
= 주말 잘 보냈어요?
[ju-mal jal bo-nae-sseo-yo?]

How do you say “I have to go now.” in Korean?
= 저 지금 가야 돼요.
[jeo ji-geum ga-ya dwae-yo.]

How do you say “I’m late. I missed the plane/my flight.” in Korean?
= 늦었어요. 비행기를 놓쳤어요.
[neu-jeo-sseo-yo. bi-haeng-gi-reul not-chyeo-sseo-yo.]

How do you say “I have come to register for TOPIK. I’d like to be fluent in Korean someday.” in Korean?
= TOPIK 시험 신청하러 왔어요. 언젠가는 한국어 잘하고 싶어요.
[TOPIK si-heom sin-cheong-ha-reo wa-sseo-yo. eon-jen-ga-neun han-gu-geo ja-ra-go si-peo-yo.]

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How Do You Say This in Korean? (22 March 2013)
  • Alesya

    Thank you for your lessons. They really help me to study Korean language)

  • S.Ramachandran

    나에게 매우 유용합니다

  • Paula

    Muchas gracias ! 🙂 Thank you so much, this really helps ( a lot )

  • 라핲

    What dose 서 mean with 고싶 어

    Like :

    사고 싶어서
    읽고 싶어서

    Is 서 rule ?

    • Justin

      That 서 is a grammar point for linking verbs. It’s explained in Level 3 Lesson 7.

  • Can you spell those words out for me in the 6th lesson?

  • Nick

    If we submitted a question that didn’t get discussed in this lesson, do we need to submit it again or no?


    • No, you don’t. I might cover your question in a future episode. ^^

  • Jessica Bremer

    I love this series 🙂 thank you so much Kyung-hwa!
    you’re awesome!! <3333

  • This is very useful for beginners like me! Thank you!

  • Hannah

    Thank you very much, Teachers, for the romanization! Now, I can enjoy learning these phrases with my phone! ^^

  • assal fatima zahra

    i m from morocco and
    i really like you lessons kamssa hamnida ^_^

    • assal fatima zahra

      i m from morocco,and i really like you re lessons . kamssa hamnida~ ^_^

  • Ana

    경화 씨, Terris 씨, thanks a million for answering my question and wishing me luck! I haven’t taken the test yet,but I’m planning to do soon.

    And by the way, it’s /ɪˈrɑːn/ or /ɪˈræn/ not /’aɪrən/ !!! =)

  • josiah

    how do i say ” so, what was the airforce like? ” in korean?

    • KyungHwa Sun

      You can say “그래서, 공군은 어땠어요?” in Korean. =)

  • Ellie

    what is the difference between “ireumi mwoyeyo?” and “ireumi mwoya?” when asking someones name?

    • madiberryliciouse

      the first one is formal and the 2nd one is informal

  • Nikki

    So if I ask in Korean 뭐해 먹어요? Is it different from 뭘 먹어요? When asking what are you eating