How Do You Say This in Korean? (26 April 2013)

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Welcome to the 10th episode of “How Do You Say This in Korean?”! This is a weekly segment, published every Friday, where teacher 경화 (Kyung-hwa) will be joined by a co-host of her choice each week to answer some listener questions. The questions we will be answering in this series are mainly about how to say certain things in Korean.

How do you say “How is this word pronounced?” in Korean?
= 이 단어는 어떻게 발음해요?
[i da-neo-neun eo-tteo-ke ba-reu-mae-yo?]

How do you say “I’m better than you.” in Korean?
= 내가 너보다 나아.
[nae-ga neo-bo-da na-a.]

How do you say “My mom is my best friend.” in Korean?
= 저희 엄마는 제 가장 친한 친구예요.
[jeo-hui eom-ma-neun je ga-jang chi-nan chin-gu-ye-yo.]

How do you say “It’s not 6 o’clock yet.”in Korean?
= 아직 여섯 시 안 됐어요.
[a-jik yeo-seot si an dwae-sseo-yo.]

How do you say “Do you mind if I speak in English?” in Korean?
= 영어로 말해도 될까요?
[yeong-eo-ro ma-rae-do doel-kka-yo?]

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How Do You Say This in Korean? (26 April 2013)
  • 얀티@ yazreenrazli

    Hi how are you? I’m from Malaysia…it would be nice if you could tell me how to say “you too”? Can we use 당신도? Thank you so much

  • 얀티@ yazreenrazli

    Hi again! Is this correct? 가방 어디 할수 있습니까? (Where can I pick up my luggage?)

    • 가방 어디 할수 있습니까? > 가방 어디에서 찾을 수 있어요?

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  • 라핲

    How can I say this In Korean

    1: I want your friend’s phone number
    2: I want min-wook phone number
    3: Please, I need him .. I can’t be clam
    4: sent his number in direct message —–>> (I mean direct message in twitter you know that right? )

    5: I know you know his number
    6: can I ask you ?

    I love Korean boy so I want from him friend give me his number so I can’t clam ..I want his number so plz translated into Korean ..~ thank you 🙂

  • akmaral

    how can I say this in korean:
    – I miss you
    -I want to see you